Tuesday, June 29, 2021

WOYWW 630- I can't help myself!

More swapping excitement, cards from LL Jan and Spyder
and you can see on the right what happened!
and then from Julia!
I can't help myself!
Here they are gracing my gallery!

You can read more about those kitties in a box
Thanks so much for visiting!
I am on baby watch, so if I disappear, you will know I am happily knee deep in diapers and love!

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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

WOYWW 627-If you must be something , be kind! Transformation!

The anniversary continues as swaps arrive.
Caro I made an ATC out of  your lovely note card!

You can read more about the stencil card and ATC
Thanks for visiting and even if I cant leave a comment( mysteries of digital life) I enjoy visiting y'all each week!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2021

WOYWW 625- Planner Confessional, Many Happy Returns of the Day

Last week was a BLAST! as ever.
I love having friends all over the world, creating, sharing and just plain old enjoying ourselves together.
I've recieved a card from Caro! in just a week from the UK, to the beautiful mountains of Western NC, USA.
Thank you postal workers!
I have 3 more cards that could be yours- let me know.

The first rose of summer.
Meet, Julia Child. 
The color of butter and smells like anise- which she loved.
The sweet flower tote-
You can read more about that on the Quietfire Digital Blog

Now for the confessional.
This is what my weekly planner looks likes and I'm not ashamed!
Suzanne creates digital files for planners- you know the kind that someone I've never met keeps with stickers, and photos, and pockets and bullets.
and dang if I cant use them too!

Here they are on the digital mat, when you buy the file from the Silhouette Store
(50% off all designs till June 1)

and printed out and cut onto sticker paper.

Now look how classy!

I do have a planner for work, needed when you are at the mercy of the judicial system of NC, tho if I sit and color in it the bailiff gives me the hairy eyeball.

Please pray for the kids in our care.

Thanks in advance for your absolution!

I find it hard to leave comments on some blogs- if your comment box is popped out rather than embedded it seems to work better.
Dear friends- till next time, and more ATC reveals!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

WOYWW? 624- Happy 12th Anniversary !

Happy anniversary to some of the best friends I have never met!
Love to all of the WOYWW herd!
ATC's ,envies and vintage cards ready to go.
Miss Julia's, of course ,wears the crown.
One to my friend forward, one to Caro, One to Miss Julia, and one more up for claim. 
Doesn't have to be a swap, I'm happy to send it to you if you comment here or email(in my google profile.)
The usual flotsam and jetsam are in evidence .
This is what peace looks like.
Here's to 12 more!
Comments and Questions Welcomed.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021

WOYWW 623 -See you next week!

Yes I have 6 extra ATCs, so leave me a comment if you want an ATC, or send me an email. Its in my google profile!
Doesn't have to be a swap.
So far behind on my 52 tags.
Planning and events seldom agree!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

WOYWW 607 Rainbows, Tags and Peaceful Transfer to Women Everywhere

This post is dedicated to all women everywhere!
Tags continue #3 Wintergreen.
Rainbow parrots to bring more color into my life and wing it out into the world.
When I type at you next my country will have its first women VP.
Let freedom ring!
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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

WOYWW- 606- Tag- You're It!

Pretty tidy at Casa Rainbow!
I got rooked  dragged invited to  a year long tag challenge.
I'm challenged enough just getting up each day!
And once I get started I can't stop.
If you feel so inclined, please join us in the 
at the 
Suzanne kindly gave us both a tag display box and a tag as digital files.
Card 1
Winter White
Card 2
Winter Blue
...and the one that got away- I can only handle one challenge, and this was Tag #1
even tho it fulfilled my perpetual NYR to use more fabric and do more sewing.
(Edit: I lied)
Tag 32-heart

I meant to post last week and time got away from me.

I've been enjoying using and gifting the Motto Calendar for my entire life, and sadly, this year was rumored to be its last.
Miracle of 2020- it was revived, and as I had already mailed my Christmas cards and packages, I made ATCs and envies to send them out.

Pray for the United States of America- I pray for all hearts to open to caring for each other, kindness, compassion, equity and Peace.
Thanks for visiting!
I seem to have issues leaving comments on some Blogger posts- if you put the comment window as a pop out it 's ok, when it is in the body  of the post, not so much.
I am visiting and enjoying y'all very much.
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