Friday, October 9, 2015

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Comes to Asheville!!!!

Strangers were high-fiveing each other in the parking lot!
and squealing uncontrollably with glee when we walked in the door!

Yes, right here in my hood, I can walk into a store and buy a pastel, see and feel the color, try out a quality pen, chat with friendly sales associates- who are artists!!!
Yes, I bowed.
See the colors, touch the texture!

There are still empty shelves, and they had to open the door while they are still stocking and pricing as so many of us were standing with our nosed pressed to the door!

Come in and tell CJ's what we want to see  available here in Asheville.
There are forms right when you walk in the door.
They want to know.
And please! Buy stuff.

If you are just getting into watercolor, I highly recommend CJ''s brand, American Journey,
-You can't go wrong with Joe's Red-
and Golden Fleece Brushes,
great price, they last a long time, and if you mess them up,
10-7 Monday through Saturday at Broadway and Riverside!
If you get to the Bywater you missed it!

I'll meet you there and we can go have a drink!

This is a regionally owned business, with reasonable prices, who want to serve the arts community.
Let's support them!

Thank you Joe's.

Now can we do something about an Apple Store?
Visit my FB page, follow the link and leave a comment to Apple that we need an Apple store.
It takes 1000 comments for them to get interested.
Yes I know it is not local, and while I am content with the service I get in Asheville, they can't compare to the Genius Desk. We need one.

Excuse me, I must go color with my new pens!!!!

Comments and Questions warmly welcomed.