Wednesday, May 18, 2022

WOYWW- 676- 13th Anniversary!- Connections

Happy Anniversary lucky 13 to all!
Desk, slightly staged, as most of my creativity is going into staying healthy and energized to care for my  darling grandbaby!

Connections is right up my ally and I loved how my ATC's turned out.
Stamps, now vintage, designed by Suzanne Cannon.

And huge thanks to Julia, Queen and creator of WOYWW.
I've said it for years, and still rings true-
This is what peace looks like.

Thanks to each and every desker for visits and visiting.
IDK what is going on with commenting, so please know, between diaper changes and walks and feedings, I will visit and honor each one of my BFF, I have never met!

Comments and Questions warmly welcomed.

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

WOYWW 675-Sneak Peak

I'm excited to swap ATC's next week, and babysitting full time for my new grandbaby I have to plan ahead!
You can see it happening here, and I will be a women of few words today!
I go tone of those new embossing powder brushes, they have been around for awhile in the makeup world, and I really like it
I do enjoy visiting, even if leaving comments can be a challenge!
See you next week with *'s on!

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Birth Affirmation Cards- Accordion Pocket Book

 My brave girl is on her second birth journey and asked me for 
Birth Affirmation Cards.

The book fold is Hedi Kyle -Accordion Pocket with  Cover

Following my Brave Girl card policy, I used backgrounds from what is left on my desk, and asked Mom to be to choose the affirmations.
I am Strong
I can do anything for one minute
(my favorite)
My body knows how to do this
My baby will be here soon
The backs.
Small dandelion stamp by Suzanne Cannon-Quietfire Design
Its been awhile since I folded a Hedi Kyle
(my body knows how to do this!)

Everyday we are born!
Everyday we are free!
May it be so!
Comments and Questions welcomed.

Monday, January 17, 2022

Check This Out! A Catalog Card Community Art Show- 100 Years Black Mountain Library!

Reusing at it's best!
Fully digital, and not wanting to add to the landfill, 
Black Mountain Library, Friends of the Library and Black Mountain Center for the arts put out a call to turn our catalog cards into art!

The exhibit will be held at the
Black Mountain Center for the Arts,
Opening Reception Friday February 11, 4-6:30 pm.

Cards will be sold to benefit all the above, and our Community!
Cards were given randomly.
Inspiration is everywhere!

Galaxy inking with one of my fav Quietfire Design quotes.
Mary inspired this quote, and I was going to paint angels, and the crow just jumped out at me.
Crow and Quote Quietfire Design
I had the idea for this quote as soon as I heard about the challenge.
Painting on the old card was a challenge!
Quote Quietfire Design
This card inspired the design.
Is not Love the answer to select problems in historical interpretation?
Blog post coming soon on Quietfire Digital for details.
A wild card!
I love joss paper!

late breaking! One more.
Fireworks from a QF digital stencil card.

Here's to another hundred years of all libraries and art has to offer us!
For more Quietfire Inspiration please join us at the
on Facebook.

Comment and Questions Welcomed!

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

WOYWW 658- Let's Be Brave in 2022!

Happy New Year y'all!
Starting off with Brave Girl Cards as I know we are going to need them.
You can see the big sibling card to the pine cone in my 
Quietfire Digital post
A designer asked me to knit her pattern to proof it, I spun the yarn, which I loved, the hat, well, lets say the pattern needs some work, and it will go to my local thrift shop that has a handmade gallery to raise money for the kids in our valley, so win, win.
Big love to all as we do our best to be kind to ech other and stay well!
I still have trouble leaving comments on some blogger sites- and I so enjoy visiting even if I cant comment.
Comments and questions always welcomed.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

WOYWW 656-Thanks for the memories!

This christmas is almost another one!
Memory that is.
Beautiful flowers from SIL's parents. I just love red!
Almost all christmas supplies put away today, brave girl cards in the making, and these few projects looking for homes.
I'm mostly staying at home with Covid again raging, and wanting to stay negative in a good way to be there for my daughter expecting in February!
Merry and happy everything to y'all!

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

WOYWW- 653- All ATC Christmas and other Fa La La


Does your desk look like this?
i'm usually a tidy creator, and somehow at christmas I like to see as much as possible of what I have!
This is a long post for me, as I might not be much in evidence before Christmas(who knows).
I'm in love with so many of my cards this year, and I'm gong to try something new-
randomly sending them, not picking the right card for the right person.
Somehow iIm thinking that will make it easier to send them off.
I still cry every time my children leaves and my baby is about to have a baby!
I have an adorable little box with a secret pocket on the
Will there be a digital cutter under the tree?
Hop over there for more on this cutie.

A few faves!

What is a group of ATC's called?
(leave a comment!)
Cant have a Queen Anne Front and a MaryAnne back!

Speaking of babies- my sweet Lawrence at 4 months!
I encourage you to give painting from a photo a try.
A work in progress- needs more highlights on the eyes.
Christmas decorating?
New this year.
If you stop believing in Santa (and elves) you start getting underwear !

HO Ho HO y'all- be merry and bright and may the turn of the seasons and the year bring
for all beings everywhere!
Comments and Questions always welcomed.