Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WOYWW 321- These dies are killing me!

New dies, new stamps! new Guardian case, new home, new glass plate with grid to work on(love it!), new(ly found) tiny applicator tips for glue (ditto) new(ly uncovered) static free powder dispenser(ditto-ditto).

One of the benefits of moving is you get rid of stuff and you find stuff. 
Am I ever going  to use those needle applicators for batik resist?
At least if I want to I will know where they are- on my glue bottles!
Now where are my pen holders?
...and my time to create with all these wonderful new tools!
We will be having all the new releases in August ( me on the 13th) over at
to show off the new dies next week, and all of the designers (except our beloved Kathy Jo who's mail comes by carrier pigeon ) have the new stamps too!

Thanks so much for coming to visit and I hope to visit as many of you as I can.
Please, send me photos if you create with the new dies and stamps.
You never know who might be watching!

Comments and Questions always welcomed!

Friday, July 17, 2015

If you worry and you know it....get creative!

By grace of the Stamp Goddess and USPS I am the first of the DT to have these wonderful new stamps in my hot little hands!
When I sent this quote to Suzanne, it rubberized in record time.
We all need it!

In a fit of worry a while back I made a pile of these watercolor postcards.
It takes longer to write these blog post, then to stamp and mail a card to a friend, when you have some of these in your stash.
Sticker by Elizabeth Craft Designs.

I need to make about 50 and send them to everyone I know.

If you leave me a comment convincing me that worrying had ever helped you, I'll send you a free Quietfire Design Stamp!

Lots more to come here and over at Quietfire Creations( more detail on this card there too!)

Comments and Questions always welcomed!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WOYWW- The Girl Can't Help It!

I know we aren't supposed to show shameless advertising and I just can't help myself.
All y'all without digital cutters, can now get the Quietfire Design sentiments, hand lettered by Suzanne Cannon as dies! though Elizabeth Craft Design!
I had to hide the card in the back a bit, I just wanted to share these lovely die cuts, coming to your desk soon!

I can say no more!

Thanks for visiting and off for a look around!

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Monday, June 22, 2015

Friendship isn't a big thing...

it's a million little things!
I can literally say, if it weren't for friends I wouldn't be where I am today.
April, I made a sudden and unexpected move and friends came and moved me to my new home.
This is the first card I have made in my new space.

Middle son is staying with friends while doing an Ironman Triathlon 

and kindly asked me to make him a thank you card he could send.

The newest stamp from Quietfire Design got me started.

The quote is stamped in VersaFine Sepia and thermal embossed clear, on Spellbinders Majestic Labels 1.

The inside

Now that I've unpacked pen, ink and paper- No Excuses! back to the drawing board!

DS is looking for hospitality the night of August 7 in Milwaukee for a National USA Triathlon .
(Leave me a comment or message if you would enjoy having him)
You know you will get a very nice card!

Comments and Questions Always Welcome!

Monday, June 8, 2015

French Broad Food Co-op 40th! and Annual Meeting

The French Broad Food Co-op celebrated 40 years and some firsts Sunday June 7th.
For the first time, there was both a Board and Owner quorum with our going into the store and dragging owners into the meeting so they could vote!
For the first time there were more candidates than open positions for the Board!
Almost 100 owners were present, and there were many complimentary comments during both comment/question period.

The meeting was well run, with refreshments! And covered lots of ground from approval of minutes to new opportunities for member investment.

The educational mission was strong throughout the meeting with lots of time for owner comments and clear and informative reports on upcoming by law changes and updates on the possible expansion.
Yes, code word possible.
 An outside firm has been hired to work up many possible scenarios, and there were well facilitated breakout groups to vision how 6 areas of interest could be accomplished.

Dinner to celebrate 40 years was catered by Green Opportunities, and members were asked to share history and stories about the past 40 years.

2134 owners strong, and lots of energy and opportunities to support the future of cooperatives in Asheville!

Lots more info and minutes on the FBFC website.

Comments and Questions always welcomed!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Got Swap? WOYWW June 3

It still creates awe in me each time someone I have never met sends me a work of art from their hands and heart.
And a WOYWW button!
How did you know I was wanting one!
Thank you Julia and all for art, friendship, inspiration, fun and more!

Still in a major state of "where is it!?"
Finally found nail polish stash(don't ask!) as there was no way I was going to buy more!

Off to visit, and if you ever find yourselves in the beautiful mts of Western NC, please do come by and visit me , swap or not!

Comments and questions always welcomed.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WOYWW 6th Anniversary and ATC swap! How soon can I come visit?

Getting there.
It's all about me.!
Month into the move, I am still unpacking.
Love my new light, and in spite of moving, life changes etc., all shall be well.

You will find a* after my name, so I'm up for the swap- and and will also get my other cards out to all on my swap list in the mail tomorrow!

Nikki setting the bar- her lovely ATC, card and other goodies!

One for the Queen of WOYWW
Thank you Julia!!!
How soon by Quietfire Design
and back
6 years! 
Heres to 6 more.

Off to do what its all about...
See you soon, thanks for visiting and all your kind words and support over the years!
Comments and questions always welcomed!