Wednesday, February 1, 2023

WOYWW-713-Community Art with Heart!

This is what my desk looked like while I was creating the journal for our 
Community Art Show and Fundraiser.
Please read about that
We were given a discarded book to create anything! to raise money in auction for our local library and art center.
You often hear me say it, and worth repeating.
Art Saves Lives
This is what peace looks like.
If you are in or visiting Western NC, USA, do come by and enjoy the art, and give generously.
And if you are elsewhere, please share this concept with your locals.

Last week I had the time to visit every desker!
There were some blogs I was unable to comment on, tho please know I enjoyed visiting and grateful for each one of your visits!
A couple of deskers asked about the vase last week- I honestly don't know where it came from! I find having flowers or a plant on the desk inspires me, and often gives me color combinations I didn't know I was looking for.
Comments and questions warmly welcomed.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Beyond the Binding - Community Art show and Fundraiser- Open Heart Journal

Beyond the Binding
Community Show and Fundraising Auction
Benefit for Black Mountain Library and BMCA.

Reception Friday February 3 at BMCA 5:00-6:30pm
Show and Auction continues February 3- 24.
Please give generously!

I was going to pass on this 2nd in a becoming annual community art show and fundraiser, for lots of reasons.
You can see last years,"Check this Out!
Then I was in the library, and our wonderful head Librarian and I had a mutual admiration session, and I left with a book to participate.
Even before I got home I was filled with ideas.
Deconstructing involves, heat, moisture and patience.
This is what my work desk looked like!
Check out WOYWW

I wanted the journal to be used, and realized the books pages were too crumbly to be up cycled.
Four individual signatures were bound with a 3 hole stitched binding, incorporating 
watercolor paper, 
fine writing paper
110 lb card stock 
heavy weigh decorative paper
for multiple uses and media.

The signatures are bound into the cover with satin ribbons, so all are removable, and more could be added to replace them.

There are 2 ribbon bound interior pockets for whatever, and a pocket on the front and back cover 
with a tag added, just for fun.

and of course a book mark of hand dyed silk ribbon with glass leaf charm!
The front cover has embossed Hearts and hand lettered embossed title.
The elastic band keeps it closed as you stuff it to your hearts content!
Wrap the band on the back cover when not in use.
I'm including and envelope full of all the cut offs and bits and bobs I didn't use, for your enjoyment.

Please give generously!

If you are not the new owner of this journal, be sure to check out the 
Free Little Art Gallery
by the Community room at the Library.
I frequently leave small journals and ATC's for to you take, and be inspired to bring art to share of your own!
Comment and questions warmly welcomed.


Wednesday, January 25, 2023

WOYWW-712-Have a Heart

Are words necessary?
Deskers all, know that the simple act of creating and sharing the creation is enough to contribute to the end of suffering for all beings.
This is what peace looks like!
I'm using up lots of bits and bobs  from my valentine drawers and splurged and bought that conversation heart stamp set (mid left) at the Thrift shop last week for fifty cents!
Hugs all around!
Comments and questions welcomed.


Wednesday, December 7, 2022

WOYWW 705- Making Multiples

Clearly Christmas is here and ready to mail!
Love making, sending, and seeing them in folks homes!
The multiple issue- its not so much that its boring or time consuming, its that
the last one looks so much better than the first, I want to toss that one!
Posting individual shots for my own amusement!
Message me if you want details. 
I'm impressed i'm getting this posted!
Ho Ho Ho one and all.
I'll be traveling this year to visit the grands, so might not be digitally loyal!

The multiple!

Birthday card for SIL Tracy- born on Dec 26! a gift to us all!

Comments and Questions warmly welcomed!

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

WOYWW 702- How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?

It's beginning to look a lot like....
My baby was 35 yesterday, and I get to care for her baby!(and how old does that make me feel) and it can be easy to start and not so much to finish.
Free Advice!
To blend red and green, add gold!
and if you still dont like it , cover the whole thing with perfect pearls/pearlex!
The peace thingy was going to be a card, now an ornament.
In a thanksgiving mood, my side of the pond, I'm eternally grateful for my collection of hand lettered calligraphy stamps by Suzanne Cannon.
You can sometimes find them on the web, and now in digital format.
It's still Wednesday here, and I hope to get around and visit some, even if mysteries of digital life don't let me leave a comment (or someone is crying !)

Comment and Questions always welcomed.

Wednesday, November 2, 2022

WOYWW 700!!! Be careful what you shake....

700! Quite an accomplishment.
The ornament looking thingy -that might go on a card, had a sentiment on it. I took it up to shake it, and discovered -when it disappeared- it wasn't glued on!
There is a message in there somewhere.
Cards in the making.

thanks to all the friendship and support of all deskers, visitors or not, commenters on not.
I know you are out there!
Here's to 700 more!

Comments and questions warmly welcomed.

Wednesday, August 31, 2022

WOYWW-691-Birthday Wishes And Many more!

Dear Deskers!
Over the past 13 years many of you have become BFFs that I will never meet.
Along with visiting each week, we have gone though 
life changes , death, craft disasters, art emergencies,
and had a lot of fun.
The past year my focus has shifted to care and love for my grandchildren.
I forgot how much energy it takes to be in love!
Today is my birthday, and gifts and cake abound!

I have three wishes for y'all!
1. Cake! lots of Cake!
                                                  2. Friends to celebrate you no matter where you  are!
                                                                3. Self care and good health that we will live to see our grands       blogging on WOYWW!

Huge shout out to BFF Chris for the Eggnog cake! and PA friends for the fun gifts and always feeling held and remembered.
I'm going ot need a lot of TY ATC's!

Use it or lose it- I gave a way a die cut machine- I really dont need more than one, and I still have two,
and decided if I dont use the dies they will go with it, so you can see some die cutting in evidence.
Its been awhile since I worked for Spellbinders, and I can say, their early dies were lovely!
More gifts to open!
More friendship to cherish and enjoy!
More drool to wipe up.
and Happy birthday everyone!
Everyday we are Born, everyday we are free!

Comments and Questions Warmly welcomed!