Sunday, March 10, 2019

In like a lion-Be Brave-Brave Girl Cards

This weeks cards

If you see me out and about ask to choose one!
If you want to trade one, post on my FB page.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

WOYWW 504 - New Year, New Group!- New Light!

Pretty tidy, as I am watching paint dry!
The asian lady came in a grab bag at my local thrift shop.
I'm waiting for her to inspire me.
Lots of backgrounds in prep for our ATC class, getting ready for a National Library ATC swap.

I'm excited to share,
 Suzanne of Quietfire has finally caved and started a FB group where we can all share our creations made with her designs.
Please join us at
We will inspire each other and Suzanne will be doing FB live tutorials,
and giveaways could happen!

Last, and not at all least, I got this light box for $15 US on amazon.
When I moved into a small space, I got rid of my heavy, big, hot, afraid I'm going to break a bulb lights.
This box is small, easy to get out, lots of bright  LED light and honestly almost as good as light noted above.
 Much as I love natural light, you can see how dark it is today and sometimes a photo just has to be taken!
No affiliation, and I just got it so can't say how long it will last.
Still for $15....

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Quietfire New Year ATC's-Crafting NYRs (please scroll down!)

Be kind
Use what I have
Follow directions
Don't follow directions
Just do it

Suzanne tells us to only make a post with one project, or if we do more than one  make the first photo a group photo, as no one scrolls down.
Please scroll down.
I said something to Suzanne the other day about new stamps and she replied(kindly)
Have you used all the old ones?
I'm working on that.
These continue the
 On My Desk
series, as the backgrounds were found on my desk at the end of the day.
If you are local to Asheville area, join me Feb 9 1-3 for an 

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

WOYWW- 500 -Milestones

Milestones can tell you both how far you have come and how far you have to go.
I'm not sure when I first came aboard (adesk?) WOYWW and I can tell you that I hope we will all be around for another 500!
While not claiming it to be a NYR, here you see my progress on getting all my stamps catalogued so that I know here they are, when I want to use them.
Hold that in prayer!
Happy New Year deskers all!
500 shout outs to Julia who keeps us all together.

Thanks for visiting.
I am visiting- forgive me if I don't comment- Blogger is not being my friend.
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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

WOYWW 498- Christmas Birthdays

One of my SIL's birthday is Dec 26.
Sending her a separate card is a must!
I have a box of cards I call the 
Pauline Seitchik Memorial Collection
from cleaning  out  my grandmothers closet when she died.
(more than 30 years ago!)
I enjoy sending them to family members as much as hand made cards.
It's important to keep our elders alive in story and holiday tradition.

In other news- if you still need to make quick cards and gifts- your digital cutter is your best friend.
From the comfort of your desk you can DL most of what you see on my desk from 

Visit Quietfire Digital later today for more on the Nutcracker Sugarplum fairy ornament.

I enjoyed doing a lot of visiting last week while I was snowed in and I was having trouble leaving comments on blogger. 
Please forgive me if I didn't comment!
Hope to visit y'all again this week and catch up on all your desker shenanigans !

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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

WOYWW?- 497-All Terrain Christmas

I love them.
Small and mighty.
Fit in anywhere.
Keeping it simple.
Can be traded, used as a gift tag, a reminder, a love note (stick on in a lunch box- on a mirror, a christmas card, a christmas ornament, an all occasion card, a Brave Girl Card!
Some of my BFF's make them!
If Idon't make it back in time
Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
to all Deskers everywhere!
Thanks as ever for being the BBF I've never met!
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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Quietfire Design and ECD Gable Box Spectacular!

When Suzanne Cannon of Quietfire Design and Elizabeth Craft Designs team up,
Expect nothing less than Spectacular.
Today both on
and Elizabeth Craft Design
individual designer blogs you will see the evidence 
of creative relationship!
One die
Create without Limits!

Embellishments include 
A Way With Words

Embossed with an embossing folder

Joy Peace and joy to all in this season of Light!
and gable boxes!
Please share your creations with us!
Comment and Questions Welcomed!