Wednesday, January 31, 2024

WOYWW-765-Seeing Red!

Valentine, galentine, palentine, what ever...I'm having a ton of fun making and getting ready to give them away.
I will be sure to put some in our
Free Little Art Gallery (FLAG)
The PO raises it prices, and lowers what it allows on envies, and still, what would we do without them?
My BFF Diane signs her cards heart garden, so off one of those heart gardens and envies go to her!
Post about them here
Let's all go out and love some more!

Hearts Ahoy! thanks for visiting and I hope to do much of the same.
If you dont see my comment, its one of those mysteries of digital life!

Comments and Questions answered from the Heart.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

WOYWW 760- Need a little Christmas now

A lovely time was had by all, all the wrapping is tossed or tidied, new toys as well.
On my own, now I feel like making Christmas cards!
It would be a first, and I guess they can be for next year!
All  good wishes and more for my dear desker friends in the new year.
Let there be light!
and as I frequently say,
This is what peace looks like.

See y'all in the new year.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

WOYWW 759-Going Postal- Christmas Card Addition

A few days ago...


Let the addressing marathon begin!
I listen to Jingle Jam
24/7 Christmas, no chatter from Bing Crosby to Grandma got run over by a reindeer.SFW

A few cards went in the mail early as swaps and packages I wanted to arrive before christmas.

More on this here
One of my favs.

You can see the Peace theme.
Many of the sentiments by Suzanne Cannon.
May all my Dear Desker Friends have a joyous (as possible) season of Light.
May you be happy
May you be peaceful
May you be safe and protected from all harm
May you be well in body mind and spirit.
By the merit of all we do on line and IRL
May all beings everywhere be free!

Comments and Questions warmly welcomed!

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

WOYWW- 754-If you cant make a mess... cant make anything.
Above shows I must be on my way to a lot of something, as clearly there is plenty of mess!
Poinsettias are the theme this year, and peace.....
I was having card anxiety, when I realized, no one is waiting for my cards, and I can stop calling them Christmas cards and think more along the line of holiday cards or even New Years cards to take off the pressure.
Yes, I am having fun yet, and I hope you are too!
If I don't leave you a comment it's because google doesn't want me too!
I don't buy much, and I caved and bought myself one of those new glue press things in the middle right.
i do like it so far, and I think you could accomplish the same not having to cap the glue function, by putting a small piece of silicone mat in the bottom of a jar that would hold your glue bottle, with the tiny tip pushing into the silicone.
Thanks for visiting, commenting and questions are always welcomed.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

WOYWW-742-Inanimate Love/Doing it Manually

Previously, I would say my wood cookstove was the only inanimate object I was in love with.
My heart has grown to include my manual typewriter.
I was using my printer to simulate manual type, and I can tell you
the original is still the greatest!

If you are new to my desk, each day I take what is left on my desk at the end of the day and make an ATC Brave Girl Card.
ATC's are only gifted or traded, and these I give away to someone I dont know- to help me to be brave- sharing a piece of myself with a stranger, and trust that the card will help them to be brave when they need it- and it can always be passed on as well.
hand lettered calligraphy stamp by Suzanne Cannon (might be vintage now{alas})

Our local Library has a 
Free Little Art Gallery
and I've been know to leave some in there as well.

Email me if you need a Brave Girl Card!

Thanks for visiting and comments and questions always welcomed!

Tuesday, August 15, 2023

WOYWW- 741- You're Out of this World

I need a lot of birthday cards, and I was so happy with the one, I made multiples.
Now I just have to remember not to mail them more than once to the same person!
The tulip panel is a Suzanne Cannon print and cut digital design.
Prayers to any deskers in Maui, or any of the islands.
wondering what I can do to help, I decided planting as many trees as I can where ever I can is what I can do wherever I am.

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

WOYWW-737-Anniversary Review!

It just came to me,I took the photo, and I never posted a photo of my Anniversary ATC's!
Julia's arrived with a bonus pin! so it must be time.

I've been making a lot of post cards lately- why apples? 
IDK- the paint was on the pallet and was saying apples to me.

Lots of heat here in the northern hemisphere  even in our beautiful mountains, and somehow I never feel hot when I am painting.

I hope y'all enjoyed the swap as much as I did, still am, and grateful as ever for the friendship and support of all deskers, swappers or not.

Comments and questions warmly welcomed!