Wednesday, December 30, 2015

WOYWW - 343 - Second wind!

As I started to put the Christmas stuff away, I suddenly felt like making Christmas cards!
The bigger excitement at Casa RainbowWeaves is my post yesterday on the 
Do stop by if you can and give it some love!

I got this MISTI stamp positioner tool for Christmas, and some of those die brush markers everyone is going on about. 
No comment yet.

It was 72 and sunny today.
Lest said the best!

Now I'm off to see what your post holiday desks have to share!
Comments and Questions warmly welcomed!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

WOYWW 340 - It's beginning to look a lot like....

Note to self- keep good ideas to yourself!
I suggested, (what was I thinking) in addition to giving fruit baskets to our less fortunate neighbors around our Church, that we send cards to all our neighbors.
Guess who they asked to get the cards?
(and tags for the gift baskets)
Make new friends and keep the old- some of my fav older and newest of Quietfire Design Christmas.
Anytime really.
For heavens sake, or any and all of our sakes

Please stop by soon to see more ATC's, with the new dies(after the 15th) and lots more of the new stamps.
And I love that you visit!
It's what Peace looks like!
Comment and Questions warmly received !

Monday, November 30, 2015

Sentiments of the Season- and the winner is......

I love them all! What a collection!

Please get in touch here (email is in my google profile) or at Quietfire Creations!
Send me your mailing info, including your country and complete postal code.

Thanks all, for your kind words, for visiting and be sure to post your creations using Quietfire Design Sentiments of all seasons!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sentiments of the Season Blog Hop-ATC Christmas- 15 Minute Wonders-


We are celebrating the season with projects using our favorite Quietfire sentiment stamps and dies.
Inspiration abounds!

We’re giving away a prize on each of the Sentiments of the Season blog posts.
 The posts will be on Designers’ personal blogs and one on Quietfire Creations. 
 All you have to do is

Leave a comment on the Sentiments of the Season blog posts and you 
will be entered for a chance to win a Quietfire stamp or die from that blog. 
 Each designer will randomly choose the winner from their comments.  
Here is our schedule:
Day 1- Monday November 23 : Teresa and Yogi 
Day 2 -Tuesday November 24: KathyJo and Judi Kauffman
Day 3 - Wednesday November 25: Wanda and Yvonne 
Day 4 - Thursday November 26: Robyn *you are here* and Selma
Day 5 - Friday November 27: Diana and Suzanne
If you get lost, just hop back to the Quietfire Creations blog to find all the links!
The deadline for leaving comments is Sunday November 29, 2015 at midnight PST.  
Winners will be posted shortly afterwards here on Quietfire Creations.
Good luck and have fun!
I was one of the designers lucky enough to get the new stamps in time for our hop!
Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) are my first love and I was thrilled to see many of the new stamps led themselves to ATC's as well as the seasonal celebrations!
How did it even get to be November?
This year, these ATC's will be gift tags, holiday cards and ornaments all in one,
all created in 15 minutes or less!
Set your timers! 

I don't do cute and I don't like snow! and couldn't resist this guy!
Suzanne christened it "charming"!

The doves took up the time it takes to add the diamond glaze.
There is Joy too!

Snow optional!

Christians and Pegans-we got you covered!!!

All of the paper came from my scrap box , one layer easy to mail and gift cards, lots of embossing and the beautiful stamps do all of the work for you!

Be sure to leave a comment here to win your own stamp or die from Quietfire Design!
And hop over to see Selma to enjoy the other end of the design spectrum!

Leave that comment! Thanks!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

WOYWW-338-Still thankful after all these years!

New Quietfire Design stamps- Christmas and more!
Me! Here! Tomorrow!
Items not shown-
Food for Thanksgiving
List of things I want DD and BF to help me with when they are not eating food I haven't made yet.
You get the picture(ouch!)

Thanks for all you have created causing me to break out in a lovely case of 
Thanks for visiting and do come back tomorrow to see new stamps and enter to win some!
Sentiments of the Season Blog Hop

Comments and Questions always welcomed.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Quietfire Design Autumn splendor- 15 minute wonders!

While it only took 15 minutes to make the card, it took over an hour to photograph and create this post!
I fell in love with all the latest cut files by Suzanne Cannon in the

On the mat
Core'dinations Kraft core is a challenging paper to cut and photograph.
Double cut at 5 worked well.

Flip the "Autumn" to get the green side to be the right side when you adhere it to the card.

Cut, glue on the "Autumn" and you're done!

Having so much fun, I reduced the center motif to A2 size, cut some layers and backed it with Elizabeth Craft Designs Shimmer Sheetz.
Once you have the files there is no end to what you can do.

You can spend 15 minutes, or all day!!

If you love this card as much as I do, check out the 
There is a step out video here.

Please share your creations here, or on the Quietfire Design FB page.

Comments and Questions always welcomed!

WOYWW- 336 - Nuff said!

All kinds of things waiting to happen.
Zinnias still blooming in November!
I love Asheville!
How to create a one page layout for a 75th birthday for a person, who without whom you wouldn't be alive, much less, who you are?
New ink, new stamps, new dies.
Same old me!
Please scroll around to see a15 minute wonders with new Quietfire stuff
Autumn Window Cards

Thanks for visiting and welcoming me to your place !
Comments and questions always welcomed.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Comes to Asheville!!!!

Strangers were high-fiveing each other in the parking lot!
and squealing uncontrollably with glee when we walked in the door!

Yes, right here in my hood, I can walk into a store and buy a pastel, see and feel the color, try out a quality pen, chat with friendly sales associates- who are artists!!!
Yes, I bowed.
See the colors, touch the texture!

There are still empty shelves, and they had to open the door while they are still stocking and pricing as so many of us were standing with our nosed pressed to the door!

Come in and tell CJ's what we want to see  available here in Asheville.
There are forms right when you walk in the door.
They want to know.
And please! Buy stuff.

If you are just getting into watercolor, I highly recommend CJ''s brand, American Journey,
-You can't go wrong with Joe's Red-
and Golden Fleece Brushes,
great price, they last a long time, and if you mess them up,
10-7 Monday through Saturday at Broadway and Riverside!
If you get to the Bywater you missed it!

I'll meet you there and we can go have a drink!

This is a regionally owned business, with reasonable prices, who want to serve the arts community.
Let's support them!

Thank you Joe's.

Now can we do something about an Apple Store?
Visit my FB page, follow the link and leave a comment to Apple that we need an Apple store.
It takes 1000 comments for them to get interested.
Yes I know it is not local, and while I am content with the service I get in Asheville, they can't compare to the Genius Desk. We need one.

Excuse me, I must go color with my new pens!!!!

Comments and Questions warmly welcomed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

WOYWW? 329 - Easel Rider!

This weeks desk is a bit different!
Have art supplies! Will travel!
My desk is mobile!
I'm a traveling artist on the 
Easel Rider, Asheville's mobile art lab, in the schools and streets.

Creative Caution! Artists at work!
Please touch!

Thanks for visiting and welcoming me to your place.

Comments and Questions warmly welcomed!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Cut's up? 15 Minute wonders, new stuff and more.

Getting back in the groove!

 Finally feeling creative in my new crib!
New stamps - all mounted!, new cutting files, new dies, new energy!
Lots more details at Quietfire Creations! including 2 great cutting tips.

The  "million little things" quote, spoke to me with all the tiny cuts.

These are the latest cut files by Suzanne from the 
on the mat

What will I do with them? Stay tuned!
They make me happy just to cut them and have them on my desk.
Use a new blade and clean mat for these intricate cuts.
Lots more details and tips at

I love my family, birth and chosen, on earth and above!

What will you do with them?
Please post your creations in a comment below or on the

Comments and Questions Warmly Welcomed!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hug deprived? Book it!

All of designers at Quietfire Design are making a page to fill our Hug Book

Teresa got us started with this cover!
( details here)

All the details and lots of other Designer pages can be found at 

Comments and Questions Warmly welcomed!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

WOYWW 327 - Feeling Groovy!

Does anyone say that anymore?
I do!
Maybe it was lots of cake, and friendship, and gifts and good wishes.
Thanks Deskers all!
Y'all are the best friends I've never met!
I'm finally getting back into the groove, cutting, inking, making and, well,
feeling groovy.

Lots going on over at Quietfire Creations, so do drop in over there as well when you have a moment.
Meanwhile, I'm cruising around to see how y'all are feeling, desk wise!

Comments and questions warmly welcomed!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

WOYWW September 1- Thoughts may count, so give gifts!

The only thing I don't like about my birthday is turning the page to September.
I got lots of wonderful gifts and I'm playing with them as we speak.

To have some cake scroll down

Wonderful cards too!
thanks all!
Still working on B'day cards for Women's circle- I have a plan and only 29 to go!

So what's on your desk?

Comments and Questions always welcomed!

Monday, August 31, 2015

T is for Tuesday- How did you know?

My loyal followers know it has taken me way longer to recover froths move than I had anticipated .

First birthday in my new place and I was inundated int he most wonderful way with gifts, good wishes and lots of love.

I was a bit down thinking gI would have to bake my own birthday cake, when the above appeared in the mail!

and others ( see my FB page).

An eggnog cake.
You have to eat it to understand.
Words cannot describe.

And how did she know I was wanting an electric kettle?
how did she know?

Truly it is the thought that counts, and presents prove you were thinking!!!

So as I embark on another thrip around the sun, I'm off to visit others blogging about their weekly food and drink.