Wednesday, August 30, 2017

WOYWW 430 -Birthday Edition

Yes, there will be cake, tho not till tomorrow.
Behold! the birthday 3D printed Octopus.
Shout out to BSIL Diana!
No multi-pods will be harmed in the making of the cake!
Hop over to Quietfire Digital to see the makings of the cute tag bag.
Gifts from 3L Scrapbook Adhesives in prep for a blog hop to come.
Gift from the garden- dill- I eat it as a vegetable!
Another trip around the sun- did y'all see the eclipse? If not  get yourself some of the eclipse stamps.
They are heat sensitive and when you touch it the moon appears!
Time to trip off to your universes!
Thanks for visiting!

Comments and questions pondered with glee!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

WOYWW- 428- Time for all caged birds to sing.

Yes there are new Quietfire Design stamps- clear!!
Coming soon from Elizabeth Craft Designs.
Please hop over to Quietfire Digital for the deets on this lovely Birdcage.
You can do it! and it flies digitally to your desktop!
Memorial booklet from a celebration of life for my friend Paulus Berensohn.
Y'all know him from the book, Finding one's way with clay, dancing with Merce Cunningham, and hanging out with M.C. Richards and the Black Mountain School.

In other news,
I have no words for the events in the country last week.
At 3pm we created a FB event for a Peace Circle in my small Town Square.
7pm this is what peace looks like.
All generations-birth to 90's, many skin colors, many genders, economic and educational levels and a dog!
Proud and grateful for this community!

Each week as I travel the world through our desks I'm grateful for what connects us.
Thanks for visiting and being Peace.

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