Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WOYWW 5th Anniversary ATC's In Depth-This is What Peace Looks Like

If you a re looking for my desk, hop over to this post.

Today is the 5th Anniversary of desk hopping world wide and this Commemorative ATC goes out to the Queen Julia!

 We celebrate by posting photos of our work desks on Wednesday and on the anniversary by swapping ATC's with the next desker in out linky line who wants to swap,

Note no crown!
and I am swapping with three additional deskers for a total of six,

 seen below ready for mailing!

Where is the Quietfire Design stamp I hear you cry!
On the reverse!and the crown.

ATC close ups

Easel Card close ups

 Thanks all, for all the Wednesdays.
Each time I participate in a swap, sending love to a person I may never have met in a country I have never visited, I thing.
This is what Peace looks like!

Comments and Questions always welcomed!

WOYWW 5th! ATC SWAP and Poetry Journal Monthly Invitation

Obligatory desk shot which is what we are all about!
Happy 5th Anniversary!
(slightly staged)
Now that I have linked, off the ATC's will go to my nearest  neighbor (I always visit my neighbors first!) with a * after her name and four other desker/swappers.
Cindy, if I don't get a mailing address from you in a day or two, I'm swapping with the next desker on my list (that's you Twiglet!)

I'm keeping it short Julia!
Additional ATC photos and info in  blog post below.

and while I have your attendtion, I have a desire to start a new blog
Poetry Journal Monthly
where, we will once a month share pages from our poetry journals, and randomly posts on perry, journaling and journal creation.
I will post one of mine 

to get you inspired 
and then, WOYWW- like ,y'all will link up your pages with Mr Linky, or one of his friends and relations.
If you don't have a poetry journal now is the time to start one.
The poems can be written by anyone- even yourself! and added to a journal in any way, shape or form that brings you joy!
I plan to begin in June. 
Please join me!

Grateful and Blessed to be a part of this community.
Heres to many more Wednesdays filled with:
Thanks for visiting and the snoop around your place.
Comments and Questions always welcomed.

Friday, May 23, 2014

15 Minute Wonders-Butterflies, Bamboo and Birthdays!

These cards take longer to blog than to make!
This is a Quietfire digital cut file Butterfly Gatefold Card in the Silhouette Store.
We always include instructions if needed right with the file so you can read it before you purchase .

Here it is on the mat
The card is cut from black box store card stock and the wing backs out of orange.
I folded two pieces of joss paper and used a three hole pamphlet stitch to attach them to the card.

One minute left!
The Happy Birthday Plain and Simple was on the block!  
Stamped in VersaFine Onyx- go easy on the ink on this paper it is very absorbent.

Cut and go!
On the Mat
The file is Bamboo Card.
The backing is glitter mulberry paper and I ran a gold ink pad around the edges!
The Happy Birthday is from the same new set.


To see what you can do with more time hop over to Yogi's blog.

More views of the Butterfly card.
Without a glue dot to hold it closed.
The pages- plenty of room to journal and add photos or a gift card!

What are you waiting for?
Comment and Questions always welcomed!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Walk in the Light/ When you get to the End of the light you know...

I needed a quick graduation card for a lovely young man going off to  Seminary.
I didn't know this was the stamp I was looking for, and it called to me.
Keeping it simple and masculine I cut the frame from Spellbinders Mystical Embrace 
(you want this one just for the name alone!)
and cut out the center panel with Matting Basic 5x7.
 and colored the frame  with gold paint.

The Quote is stamped on the center panel with VersaFine Onyx and thermal embossed, and  with the paper in the die colored with Distress Linen.

Use the Matting die to cut out a piece of fun foam and glue that on to the quote panel, coloring the side of the foam with black and gold ink, so if you see it from the side it doesn't look like its panties are showing.

Oops! I dropped the quote panel into some ink! and I had already glued it all onto the card!

So, I made another panel and glued it on top- More dimension!

May this be so, for all of us taking steps, not always knowing where we are going, learning to walk in  the Light and faith.
Come back soon- Blog candy announcement coming and more 15 minute wonders!

Comments and Questions always welcome.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WOYWW May 21-Seeing Is Believing

Above you see proof that I am actually making ATC's to send out to all promised!
That's all I'm saying till next week.
You may also spy the lovely bamboo and Monarch cards- instant digital cutting files from Quietfire in the Silhouette Store.
Butterflies R Us!
I carved out a few minutes (30) to devote to the water color class and you can read more about that here.
Rumor has it some blog candy is coming my way from CA, and I love it when my desker friends win!
Thanks ever so for visiting.
Comments and Questions always welcomed!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Drying Time Not Included-15 Minute Wonders- Come sit by me- Happy Birthday

I signed up for an online watercolor class, and have been enjoying sympathetic joy watching  others post the beautiful cards they are making inspired by the class.

Shout out to Yogi who reminded me that the way to have time is to make it!

Postcards are great for 15 minute wonders as you can't be tempted to pile anything on them.

Set your timers...

The bicycle is embossed with a Spellbinders die on a watercolor postcard.
Color with watercolors using a fine brush on the bike and a wide brush for your background wash.
Flick some wet paint that is left on your pallet for the splatters.
The new Happy Birthday Set by Quietfire is stamped in  Brilliance for just a bit of glimmer
( it's a guy card).
Dash on a boarder with a Stardust pen.
I did stop the timer when I had to wait for some places to dry.

***Tip of the Day***
Work on two cards at once when watercoloring so you can keep working while you wait for the paint to dry.

The typewriter is another embossed Spellbinders die. It cut a little bit at the top and I trust that will make it through the mail. 
I might put a bit of washi tape on it.
Suzanne suggested we use this quote from the new Garden Bench Collection with a  bench (duh).
It was not what I intended to use here and it called to me.
It's stamped in VersaFine Onyx and thermal embossed.
Ever have trouble KYMS {Keep Your Mouth Shut)?

All new Quietfire Design Stamps are currently 20% off 
and you now have the option to 
Cling or not to Cling

Please make time to create and share what you make with us! We'd love to see it!
Comments and Questions always welcomed.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fill'er Up-Thanks

is the first of the Fill'er Up series of stamps from Quietfire Design.
If you love finely crafted hand lettering, doodling, coloring and addictive crafting, read on!
New stamps now have the option of cling mounting!
Suzanne, Queen of Quietfire challenged us to create a Fill R up for todays blogpost
 at Quietfire Creations, and no one could stop at one!
I plan to use these as gift tags.

The tag is the Elegant Flourish Frame a digital file.
Thanks is stamped in VersaFine Crimson and thermal embossed.
Stamp on mirrored paper and cut out to make your fill and adhere with a glue marker.

This background is made by coating an acrylic block with VersaMark and adding watercolor around the edges and pressing into good quality watercolor paper.
Stamp in Versafine Blue Lagoon and thermal emboss.
The little hearts are stamped and doodled in VersaFine Crimson and Stardust pens.
A bit of  blush was added with ink from a blending foam sitting on my desk!
The next two need a mask.
I cut masks out of heavy paper, stencil plastic and post-it's and liked the post-it's best.

The tag is Spellbinders Decorative Labels 28.

Thanks is stamped in VersaFine Onyx and thermal embossed.
Put the mask inplace and stamp a dotted design in VersaMark and thermal emboss.
Color with Watercolors and splatter if you wish with some gold paint.

 Last(for now) and not least

This is dedicated all all of my friends who Have showered me with Love these past few weeks and all of my life.
I love you all!

Comments and Questions always welcomed.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WOYWW May 14-Love, Tears, Creation and Go Out and Love Some More !

Just as I was working on this  post, I was told a good friend had died suddenly of a massive heart attack. She was by herself at home.
I stopped and called and wrote to everyone I could think of to tell them I love them.
Dear Deskers- known and unknown, I love you.
Please do the same- have no regrets on this score.
Then go out and love some more!
And create without limits!
More will be revealed about this mess on Thursday over at Quietfire Creations and my plan is to have a detailed post here  as well.
Planning and events seldom agree!

 ATC's still in the works and I found the date stamp I needed in a clearance bin!
They may have tear marks.

Thanks for visiting, all your kind words your comments and questions and support.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WOYWW May 7 Art on the Go

I'm taking an online watercolor class. 
I haven't finished the last two I signed up for- note- lifetime( who's lifetime? access to the classes)

Above note consequences of art on the go- a demo tomorrow at Fiber Arts Alliance- paper and felt beads and jewelry.

Thanks for stopping by as I rush around- It's Spring!- and I must get ready for a spinning class- at least they are coming here! 
 Comments and questions always welcomed!