Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WOYWW 5th! ATC SWAP and Poetry Journal Monthly Invitation

Obligatory desk shot which is what we are all about!
Happy 5th Anniversary!
(slightly staged)
Now that I have linked, off the ATC's will go to my nearest  neighbor (I always visit my neighbors first!) with a * after her name and four other desker/swappers.
Cindy, if I don't get a mailing address from you in a day or two, I'm swapping with the next desker on my list (that's you Twiglet!)

I'm keeping it short Julia!
Additional ATC photos and info in  blog post below.

and while I have your attendtion, I have a desire to start a new blog
Poetry Journal Monthly
where, we will once a month share pages from our poetry journals, and randomly posts on perry, journaling and journal creation.
I will post one of mine 

to get you inspired 
and then, WOYWW- like ,y'all will link up your pages with Mr Linky, or one of his friends and relations.
If you don't have a poetry journal now is the time to start one.
The poems can be written by anyone- even yourself! and added to a journal in any way, shape or form that brings you joy!
I plan to begin in June. 
Please join me!

Grateful and Blessed to be a part of this community.
Heres to many more Wednesdays filled with:
Thanks for visiting and the snoop around your place.
Comments and Questions always welcomed.


  1. WOW Robyn you made such fancy ATCs for the swap and I think everyone's desk is slightly staged today showing off all the ATCs for the swap that have been sent and to be sent :)hugs Nikki C no # yet

  2. Robyn, I can't believe it. I'm your PIF partner. And your ATCs put mine to shame. And I'm the sender, not the sendee. I see you have an e-mail address in your profile so I'll be contacting you shortly to get your mailing address. BOY, do I feel intimidated!! Your ATCs are incredible.

  3. Just read your ATC post below. At least I live in a country you've heard of and you may even have been this far west (grin).

  4. Gosh Robyn, how did you carve out the time to make such wonderful wonder WOYWW has a reputation for inspiration! I have a bunch of addresses and such for Deskers if things get difficult!

  5. Hi Robin
    I seem to have lost your address so if you could resend I would be grateful - thanks
    Love your work, so clever and beautiful, they need to be seen (staged) such great works of art.
    Have a good week
    Bishopsmate #58

  6. Those ATCs look amazing! Lucky whoever gets one of them :o) Your idea for a new blog sounds really interesting, although I'm so short of time at the moment I probably can't join in regularly, but I'd like to try. Good luck with it, and Happy WOYWW Birthday! Annie C #56

  7. Talk about fancy, what fab atcs and their holders
    Happy 5th WOYWW anniversary xo
    Hugs Minxy #4

  8. Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary.

    Fab ATCs.

    I hope you have a good WOYWW. Sue 59

  9. What a fantastic display on your desk today, brilliant creations. I hope you have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #8
    Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary

  10. Gorgeous ATCs there! Thanks for sharing and joining in the anniversary fun! Happy 5th WOYWW Anniversary. Caro x (#43)

  11. Your atc's look fab!! Like the sound of your poetry journal. hope I wouldn't have to write my own... Helen 7

  12. Your ATCs look great, thanks for stopping by my blog and watching my video.
    Dawn #37

  13. Hmm. I have a list of poems I want to incorporate into my crafting. Your poetry journal thing might be just the kick start I need.

    Fabulous ATCs.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Rachel #49

  14. Happy 5th WOYWW Anniversary! Love your easel ATCs! Just too cool!
    Carol N #78

  15. Very impressive atc work there! I hope the poetry project is a great success. Have a lovely week, Chris # 15

  16. Loving your ATCs and hope you are having a happy WOYWW Anniversary, Angela x #41

  17. Hi Robyn happy 5th WOYWW, Your ATCs are super and with a little easel pocket to send them in - I'm very impressed. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#35

  18. Such clever atcs and stands. Happy Anniversary Karen #101

  19. Dropping by to greet you a very happy 5th WOYWW anniversary! Your slightly staged desk with the ATCs and stands look awesome!!! I like your idea for your ATC design!
    Blessings and hugs,
    peggy aplSEEDS

  20. wow stunning ATCs they must have taken an ag...e lucky people!, a very belated but happy 5th anniversaty hug from me . your poetry project sound fab never written poetry... not one for writing or typing as many will testify !....but wil have sneaky a nosey sort!...have afba week ahead and heres to the next 5 years of woyww and to friendships old and new crafty hugs andrea #91


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