Wednesday, December 19, 2018

WOYWW 498- Christmas Birthdays

One of my SIL's birthday is Dec 26.
Sending her a separate card is a must!
I have a box of cards I call the 
Pauline Seitchik Memorial Collection
from cleaning  out  my grandmothers closet when she died.
(more than 30 years ago!)
I enjoy sending them to family members as much as hand made cards.
It's important to keep our elders alive in story and holiday tradition.

In other news- if you still need to make quick cards and gifts- your digital cutter is your best friend.
From the comfort of your desk you can DL most of what you see on my desk from 

Visit Quietfire Digital later today for more on the Nutcracker Sugarplum fairy ornament.

I enjoyed doing a lot of visiting last week while I was snowed in and I was having trouble leaving comments on blogger. 
Please forgive me if I didn't comment!
Hope to visit y'all again this week and catch up on all your desker shenanigans !

Comments and Questions Welcomed !

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

WOYWW?- 497-All Terrain Christmas

I love them.
Small and mighty.
Fit in anywhere.
Keeping it simple.
Can be traded, used as a gift tag, a reminder, a love note (stick on in a lunch box- on a mirror, a christmas card, a christmas ornament, an all occasion card, a Brave Girl Card!
Some of my BFF's make them!
If Idon't make it back in time
Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
to all Deskers everywhere!
Thanks as ever for being the BBF I've never met!
Comments and Questions welcomed!

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Quietfire Design and ECD Gable Box Spectacular!

When Suzanne Cannon of Quietfire Design and Elizabeth Craft Designs team up,
Expect nothing less than Spectacular.
Today both on
and Elizabeth Craft Design
individual designer blogs you will see the evidence 
of creative relationship!
One die
Create without Limits!

Embellishments include 
A Way With Words

Embossed with an embossing folder

Joy Peace and joy to all in this season of Light!
and gable boxes!
Please share your creations with us!
Comment and Questions Welcomed!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

WOYWW 492 -Tis the Season to be messy.

Just checking in.
Still working full time +.
I get into bed, and something doesn't feel right- must get up and create something!
You see much of it here.
A good tidy is on the list.
It gets carried over with regularity.
Info on the ornament cards 
Birthdays, weddings, holidays, illness, death.
We see it all and mark it with a card.
God bless us every one.
Thanks for visiting even when I don't.
I love you all.

Comments and Questions welcomed!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

WOYWW- 483- Something Wicked AKA Stamp overload!

With tariffs, storage space, flexability, I often wonder could I go totally digital,
and then I hold a new rubber-stamp in my hand (or in this case 11 new stamp sets)
and creativity with out limits is the result.
There's room for both in my world, and I hope yours too.
Thanks for forgiving me in advance if I don't visit as much as I would like.
Working mucho hours for our children in care officially has me
"doing too much"
Still art heals!
Some details on the ATC's
(time change could be considerable )
Thanks so much in advance for visiting and all your kind words.

Comments and Questions welcomed!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Simply Watercolor- Practice makes paintings!

Raw photos- Practice

Comments and Questions welcomed

WOYWW 477 -Painters gonna paint!

When I ask my kids what they want to do, the answer is almost always "PAINT!!"
Me too.
I signed up for a Simply Watercolor class to get me back to my creative roots.
Thanks for visiting and hope you get some painting time in today!
Scroll down for some practice photos. Just for fun.

Comments and Questions Welcomed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

WOYWW-476-Giftmast in July

Hop over to Quietfire Digital for deets on the watermelon purse.
I love anything watermelon!
Helping my DD move in Charlotte, I came home with a pile of presents!
Her lastest ceramics- Bears on Bikes!
Shout out to Albert and Celia for the lovely purse from San Miguel.
I'm using it to carry my Brave girl cards.
Some new ones.

I'm taking an On Line Card Corse- Simply Watercolor, so if you scroll around you might see some of my practice pieces.
 Thanks for visiting and I hope to do some of the same!
Comments and Questions Welcomed

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

WOYWW 470- ATC Swap and Gardenias

The usual suspects. 
Gardenias- the scent alone is my cure for all that is amiss in the world.
I wish you could scratch and sniff them- even these spent blooms perfume the entire room!

That and ATC swaps.
Cards from LLJan, Twiglet, Annie and Nikki- I love you all!
This is what peace looks like!
Art heals!
Maybe we can't do anything about the current path of hate in the world, and we can make it more colorful!

New stamps.
Digital cutting.
Glue that must be used- it does not improve with age!
More on the new stamps and cutting at Quietfire Digital
and Suzanne has a big release party going on at the 

I love y'all stopping by and seeing each of your desks makes me smile!

Yes we had a severe flash flood last week.
No one was hurt-thanks be to God.
Thanks to everyones prayers and notes of concern.

Comments and Questions  warmly welcomed.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

WOYWW- 468- 9th Anniversary ATC Swap- Love Lives Here

I had planned on a lovely composed desk for the anniversary, and well, planning and events seldom agree.
The crowned ATC goes to Julia,

 one to LLJ one to Twiglet one my PF, so I have one left to share.
(if mailing address have changed- please let me know)

Leave me a comment if you would like it.
Deets on the ATC are here with the addition of
WOYWW lettered with

New stamps are on their way and I haven't even used the new ones I have, so hence forth the set of ATC's in blue and green- more on that soon.
The butterfly you might glimpse is a gift card box, you can read about 

Dearest Deskers- thanks for being my BFF, I've never met!
Cheers to today and many more visits!
Comments and Questions Welcomed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

WOYWW-464-Veri Vidi Amavi-Yes! Let's Swap!

Almost 9 years!
I will be ATC swapping forward, sending one to Julia, and making 3 more so leave me a message if  you want to swap, and if more than 3 do, I'll random draw.
(alumnae pleading may be helpful!)

Pinks and lily of the valley keep me going as this seasonal whiplash continues.

Yes I am enamored of embossing!

Lots of new stamps for inspiration.
Quietfire Design 

More on the ATC's, digital stuff and embossings
Quietfire Digital

Thanks for coming seeing and loving!
Comments and Questions Welcomed.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WOYWW-459- Say it isn't S**W

Pretty tidy as I just got back from retreat.
See how calmly I'm typing at you!
More on the lanterns, with an assembly video,
 Quietfire Digital
Weather wise, last week, tuesday it was 60'sF ,Wednesday we got 2" and Thursday it all melted.
They are calling for the same, and right now it is 70F.
I"m scheduling this tuesday as a deep wet snow might  knock out my connections!
It snows, I close!
Thanks for visiting and I hope to do the same.
Comments and Questions welcomed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

WOYWW 458 -Seasonal Whiplash

This past week it was 70F and sunny and it snowed and went into the 20's at night.
I still have snowflakes on my desk, and it's time to celebrate the green and pastels of Easter!
Seasonal Whiplash indeed!
For more on the egg display boxes please visit
and you must go to the Suzanne's Silhouette Store to see the chick, bunny and little lamb boxes.
(even if you don't have a cutter- go take a look!)

The rest is all wannabes, or will bes or might bes.

I'm about to go on a much needed retreat, so forgive me for not visiting as many of you as I might like.
You and your desks are in my heart!

Thanks for visiting and comments and questions are warmly welcomed!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

WOYWW 456 -Boxes and balloons

That little quote  upper left says
"it's ok to need to recharge your batteries"
I might be a bit scarce the next few weeks.
I am going to take some retreat time.
as I often say,
Take a break before you get broken!
For more on the boxes please visit
(attention Julia!!!)
These boxes are just one piece, and you can cut and assemble in 15 minutes or less!
Cut a lot of balloons- you will need them.

Thanks for visiting and your kind words, in advance.
Comments and Questions Welcomed!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

WOYWW 454 Happy Valentines Day

What a mess.
I have a friend, who, lets say, is not much of a housekeeper.
When ever I felt a total mess, I could go visit her, she would find  a cup, somewhere,  clear a place for us to sit, we could enjoy some time together, and I went home feeling much better about my housekeeping!
What are friends for!
After visiting me today you can feel much better about the state of your desks!

Shout Out to #CheapJoesAsheville for supporting #LEAFEaselRider.

You have to hop over to Quietfire Digital to see the front of the pop up.
(Please- it is lovely)
(UK deskers, it doesn't publish till 12am PDT, which is hours behind me)
This is for you Julia!!!

Here is the out take from that post!

I was going to sketch this on the front of the card inside of the heart and it didn't work out!

Thanks for visiting!
Comments and questions warmly  welcomed!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

WOYWW 451 -Craft supply advent season- Womens March 2018

If you visit me with any regularity you know the last thing  I need is more of anything!
Attending the annual trade shows and design team work has kept me over the top in art supplies.
(just add imagination and creativity!)
And now I watch the demos in my PJ's on YouTube and make
Marco's happy with my order
(expected sometime in Feb, March, April)
I love it when the fads catch up to me.
Rose Gold. Yes!
The surprise drawer gift box is detailed 
The patterned paper on the box is made with stamps.

I'm planning on trying out the random embossing with that rose quart powder. Stay tuned on that one!
Black Mountain, NC Women's  March did not disappoint.
Led by our youngers!
Lots more photos on the
Facebook page.
It's a public group so anyone can see the photos.
(yes that is me in the cap, and yes I wear crocs)

Philly Phans

Thanks for visiting.
Comments and Questions Welcomed

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

WOYWW 449 - Happy New Year!

The usual mess and merriment!
More on that adorable purse
Anyone (looking at you Julia!) get a cutter under the tree?
Don't be shy ask me for enabling  if you need it.
Stencils- I'm good, I just can't seem to get comfy with sprays. Control issues I guess.
Happy New Year belated.
Lets celebrate everyday
as we do each Wednesday with desking around the world!
Thanks to each and everyone of you for many years of sharing, visiting and kind words.

Comments and Questions Welcomed

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

Just popping in quickly to wish everyone a happy and healthy and creative new year!
Missing the Christmas Card deadline, I sent this to my son outlaws parents.
Shout out to Celia and Albert!

Spiritual stuff at Still Waters Refuge
and year in review- scroll down!LOL!!!

Create with out limits in 2018

Comments and Questions Welcomed.