Wednesday, March 21, 2018

WOYWW-459- Say it isn't S**W

Pretty tidy as I just got back from retreat.
See how calmly I'm typing at you!
More on the lanterns, with an assembly video,
 Quietfire Digital
Weather wise, last week, tuesday it was 60'sF ,Wednesday we got 2" and Thursday it all melted.
They are calling for the same, and right now it is 70F.
I"m scheduling this tuesday as a deep wet snow might  knock out my connections!
It snows, I close!
Thanks for visiting and I hope to do the same.
Comments and Questions welcomed.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

WOYWW 458 -Seasonal Whiplash

This past week it was 70F and sunny and it snowed and went into the 20's at night.
I still have snowflakes on my desk, and it's time to celebrate the green and pastels of Easter!
Seasonal Whiplash indeed!
For more on the egg display boxes please visit
and you must go to the Suzanne's Silhouette Store to see the chick, bunny and little lamb boxes.
(even if you don't have a cutter- go take a look!)

The rest is all wannabes, or will bes or might bes.

I'm about to go on a much needed retreat, so forgive me for not visiting as many of you as I might like.
You and your desks are in my heart!

Thanks for visiting and comments and questions are warmly welcomed!