Monday, January 25, 2016

Pears appear!

Freehand sketch my pears for practice- it's all about the practice.

Tags to help me remember
Lots more to come as I have to post them to get them into the class gallery.
Now for the class to teach me to make the time to practice!
Comments and Questions Welcomed!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Weekly Cut -Quietfire Baby Hearts! 15 Minute Wonder and more.

I remember the day when one of my sons said, 
"Mom, I'm not your valentine!"
Y'all are my valentine this year so enjoy and send some love to yourself!

Suzanne does not disappoint!
Baby hearts! Pop up!!!
.99 cents Silhouette file folks.
Cut and paste and ready to give.
Multiples- no problem!
The small square size lends itself to stash busting.

If you are mailing USPS there is a surcharge for square cards.
Put it in an A2 envied to avoid extra postage.

Here it is on the Mat, just ungroup and go!

More hearts you say?
You paid your .99 so the sky's the limit.

Ungroup and select one of the small hearts

Then size that heart to surround the pop up hearts to create a heart shaped pop up focal image.
The smaller heart with one pop up was created to cover a mistake!

Plain or fancy, CAS or complex! making one, or 100, have fun....

...and do post your creations to inspire us all and spread the love around!
Comments and Questions lovingly welcomed!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Pick a Stick Challenge- January 2016 - Take Time - Tea Stands for Tuesday

 I'm having a ton of fun with the 
You can join up on the FB page
I've cut back on challenges and swaps, and this is only once a month, so doable.
It's supposed to be art journaling, and I don't.
ATC's are my size of choice.
 I gave up keeping separate journals long ago, and now everything goes into my one big one that lives by my bed (it moves around a bit).

One of the facilitators picks 10 sticks with various prompts and mediums, and you have to use them all in the order chosen.

This is a challenge .

The process was so enjoyable,  I wanted to write about it so I would remember when times are not so good.
This little journal was sitting right on my desk, taking up space, and now it will be a record of this time, when I lost track of time in creativity!

  • Take time    Quietfire Design 

  • October song- the Incredible String Band 

  • Pulled the gear off a card someone sent me! 

  • Used the gear as a stencil with gold embossing paste and glitter 

  • Borders of scrap scrap! 

  • Added more glitter

    •  Added gold watercolor with a palette knife- that was a first- as a glaze 
    • Journaled illegibly with a gold pen- I for get what and I can't read it!
    • Cut the flower pix out of a seed packet and covered with glossy accents
    • Wrote on masking tape with a glitter pen and wink of stella- this was so much fun I couldn't stop!
    The prompts are posted first friday of the month, and facilitators will post their creations the last friday of the month, and all the rest of us are posting and chatting up a creative storm!

    Happy New Year Greetings to all Tuesday Tea-ers!
    Tea of the day is dandelion root, in fused in a jar- solar tea through the skylight!

    Comment and Questions Warmly Welcomed!

    Quietfire Design - Thank You for Everything! Nested Gift Boxes

    Holidays are over and it's time for thank you notes and
    Gift Boxes!
    The box and bows are a

    On the mat
    This box and bow can easily be constructed in 15 minutes, no instructions needed.

    • Ink up the cut edges of the box and inside of the bow for a finished look.
    • Insert a pencil or marker in the bow as you bend the paper to shape and glue to keep from creasing the paper.
    • Use at least 65lb paper for the box. That sheet of paper you don't like in a paper stack (double sided) can be a good choice.
    • Use a strong double side tape to get a good quick adhesion of the tabs.
    The ATC topper is stamped in Ranger superfine Copper embossing powder

    I have a huge box of clear photo corners, perfect to attach a card to a box top and be removable !
    The bow is sized to fit on the ATC.
    Use the scale box or the corner handles on the box when you highlight the object 

    Then I got carried away!
    What's inside?

    nested boxes!

    An entire village!

    How low can you go??!!

    One or many, enjoy giving thanks and be sure to post your creations with Quietfire Design Products!
    Comments and Questions Warmly received !