Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Love Much,WOYWW 213,Oh Cameo!

If you are only here for WOYWW, you're done!
Everyone else- read on... all of the above, plus flooding, guests, more work hours, digital learning curve!

Where to begin! The Wedding- Love Much an original Opera, went off without a hitch!
My daughter came over when I had only known Cameo for 2 days and we made signage

Looking back now at my desk, you can see my first cut files!
Lots coming soon from Quietfire.
My first attempt at a file is that white dummy card that has a pop-up flower at the top- all occasion or birthday?

You can read more about the Faux Tile cards at Quietfire Creations.
Lynell of Dreamweaver was kindly send me one of her grid stencils to experiment with.
Thanks Lynell and Pam.
Watch this space for a possible exciting announcement about creative education possibilities!

Ah- the flood- well, I have good boots!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WOYWW 211 New Girl in Town!

My Silhouette arrived on Thursday, laryngitis and demoing at Michaels on Friday- Saturday and Sunday making wedding signage- with Cameo and my lovely daughter, so just holding my dripping nose above water, and being amazed at what Cameo can do, even amidst user error!

The cut files are hand lettered by Suzanne Cannon of Quietfire Design and will be coming to a DL near you soon. Stay tuned!

What is WOYWW? info here.

Shout out to April for swapping ATC's with me- and this was her first ATC and first swap. I'm honored!

Please take a poke around and I'll do the same at your place.

Full wedding report next Wednesday!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

GC's Big Day!

In spite of growing laryngitis , and beautiful weather, my monthly demo at the Michaels Arden store was hopping!

We make lots of cards...

 Lots of flowers...

Michaels has some beautiful pattern tissue!

 and two creative crafters went home with new Grand Caliburs.

I helped a third customer order one on her smart phone!

A splendid time was had by all. Y'all come in July!
or any time and be welcomed by the wonderful staff-learning more each month too! 
The Lovely Jalicia!

Comments and questions always welcomed!
You can follow all of the Spellbinders A-Team at the On the Road Blog.

Monday, June 17, 2013

New Girl in Town! Meet Miss Cameo!

Y'all have gotten tired of listening(reading?) to me whine on and on about getting a digital cutter, and now that Suzanne of Quietfire Design is creating cut files, I had to hit the buy it now button, and last thursday, in spite of how dumb Fed/Ex smart post is, she arrived.

I had barely plugged her in when the trial by fire began...

My daughter came over and we needed to create the perfect signage for "Love Much" the musical wedding next weekend.

Rest room signage
Wedding colors are orange and blue.

This way

Lining it all up!

More to come!

Is there a file in the Silhouette store than can help me with what I am going to wear?

Comments and questions always welcomed!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


New cards- more here and here,
The lovely mug I got for Mothers Day made by my daughter with her new kale motif,
Cards in upper left from my DSIL-amazing artist-not on the blogosphere!
New paper and embossing folder-all on sale- Big Love!
Lots blooming in the garden
Working on watercolor washes...
Thanks for visiting! Lots of new posts so I hope you will take a poke around!
I'll be doing the same at your place!
Wondering what this is all about? WOYWW

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Twenty Minute Cards

Suzanne, Queen of Quietfire Design, challenged herself to make 20 minute cards.

A friend called and asked for prayer for a person I've never met who, unjustly and with no process lost her job and her home, so I made her this card in less than twenty minutes, including design time.

This was possible because I knew I wanted to use this Companion Stamp set, and I just got this new paper that I am totally in love with (on sale too)
so there were no choices to make.

I used Spellbinders Label One die as a mask and colorized around it with Linen Distress, and drew around the edge with a silver marker.

The pearl of the paper shows through!

The quote is stamped (Guess!) Versamark sepia and clear embossed.

Inside I used Spellbinders Grommet Tags-a perfect fit!

These cards took more than 20 minutes to design, and if I had everything out and ready to go, I think each of them could be made in 20 minutes, once I had the process down.
You can read more about these cards at Quietfire Creations.

inside of the above card

Comments and questions and prayer requests always welcomed!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Saturdays, Die Cutting at Asheville -Michaels

Any one in Asheville you tell you what a busy weekend this was for the Arts- The RAD and Toe River studio strolls, just to name two, so i was glad to have a steady stream of traffic for my monthly cut, stencil and emboss demos with Spellbinders Grand Calibur and all of her dies.

Everyone enjoys making flowers with the Blossom Dies
Ready, set go- on 100 Wedding Anniversary invites!
The little blue box is for all the little bits you poke out after die cutting. Nothing wasted here!

The lovely Becky is just one the the welcoming sales associates ! Thanks Becky.

I got a few compliments on my apron- embellished with felt flower cut from Anemone Flower Topper and Folage Dies.
Comments and Questions always welcomed. You can follow all of the Spellbinders Actions Team activities on the Spellbinders on the Road Blog.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WOYWW 209- ATCs!!!!!

I am loving all the ATC's swapped with WOYWWers. Thanks so much all!
Info on what WOYWW is all about here

I'm still waiting to hear from Ike#121(Suzy). My envie with your ATC in it is on the desk! waiting for your mailing addy.

Cards, woven ribbon-I spoke with May Arts this week about reping for them. I have that in meditation mode for now. I want to spend my time in creative education that drives sales more than direct sales.
I'm open to input. Love the ribbon.

The garter is done. the ribbon is dyed and bridezilla approved. All I have to do is put in the elastic and send it off with one of the bridesmaids. You'll see it "on the hoof" after June 22.
The wedding is a musical! more on that too.

Cheers to my Wednesday family! thanks for visiting and hope you poke around to see what else I might be up to!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Restorative Knitting

Knitters come to me after they have made a mistake.

The garment they knit, following the pattern, doesn't fit and is not flattering.

The fabric has too much drape or none at all, as the yarn, even tho you could knit it to gauge (if in fact they made a swatch) was not a good choice for this structure or pattern.

Sweet Ann, had me finish knitting this poncho and cowl for her. She paid $6 for a pattern with instructions to knit a rectangle and sew up 13" on one seam, and a circular rectangle for the cowl.
She looks lovely in the photo and it is an illusion!

The yarn is 100% alpaca,2 ply,woolen spun.
 Yes it is soft, and as the poncho is styled on the bias there is no way it will be able to hold it's shape, even tho I reinforced the sewn seam.

I heavily steam blocked this, and warned her that it will not hold it's shape and will continue to curl.

It has no finishing.

People, for Goddess sake, call me first, before you invest mucho time and money in a knitting project.


  • Pattern photos-the model is a size 3 and about 5'9" tall. Does your body even vaguely resemble hers?
  •   the photo has been styled, Photoshopped, and might be pinned in the back.
  • Pattern sizing-Does "one size fits all" fit you? If it does you have a 50-50 chance of a knitting pattern as written, fitting you.
Most bodies are one size on the top and another on the bottom and another on sleeve and leg length.

If you see a garment you would like to make, call me, and we can make a pattern that will fit you. Really it's not a mystery or rocket science. Just simple math.

  • Gauge- Yes, you have to make a swatch and just because you can knit it to the correct amount of vertical and horizontal stitches, that does not, I repeat, does not mean it will make a fabric that will give you the garment you desire and will drape and wear well.
Forgive me for being judgmental, and most yarn shops do not know enough about yarn to begin to be able to advise you. 

I can help you fit your pattern to your body, and I can help you pick a compatible yarn for your pattern and I can't do anything about a yarn you have already bought that has no memory, and will never be able to hold a stable fabric structure- especially in a seamless garment that everyone likes to knit because you don't have to "finish" it. ( don't get me started) or is woolen spun and you want to weave fabric for a skirt or jacket, or it's worsted spun and you want to make a soft afghan.

Don't know what I am talking about?

So, call me!

Comments and questions welcomed.