Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Restorative Knitting

Knitters come to me after they have made a mistake.

The garment they knit, following the pattern, doesn't fit and is not flattering.

The fabric has too much drape or none at all, as the yarn, even tho you could knit it to gauge (if in fact they made a swatch) was not a good choice for this structure or pattern.

Sweet Ann, had me finish knitting this poncho and cowl for her. She paid $6 for a pattern with instructions to knit a rectangle and sew up 13" on one seam, and a circular rectangle for the cowl.
She looks lovely in the photo and it is an illusion!

The yarn is 100% alpaca,2 ply,woolen spun.
 Yes it is soft, and as the poncho is styled on the bias there is no way it will be able to hold it's shape, even tho I reinforced the sewn seam.

I heavily steam blocked this, and warned her that it will not hold it's shape and will continue to curl.

It has no finishing.

People, for Goddess sake, call me first, before you invest mucho time and money in a knitting project.


  • Pattern photos-the model is a size 3 and about 5'9" tall. Does your body even vaguely resemble hers?
  •   the photo has been styled, Photoshopped, and might be pinned in the back.
  • Pattern sizing-Does "one size fits all" fit you? If it does you have a 50-50 chance of a knitting pattern as written, fitting you.
Most bodies are one size on the top and another on the bottom and another on sleeve and leg length.

If you see a garment you would like to make, call me, and we can make a pattern that will fit you. Really it's not a mystery or rocket science. Just simple math.

  • Gauge- Yes, you have to make a swatch and just because you can knit it to the correct amount of vertical and horizontal stitches, that does not, I repeat, does not mean it will make a fabric that will give you the garment you desire and will drape and wear well.
Forgive me for being judgmental, and most yarn shops do not know enough about yarn to begin to be able to advise you. 

I can help you fit your pattern to your body, and I can help you pick a compatible yarn for your pattern and I can't do anything about a yarn you have already bought that has no memory, and will never be able to hold a stable fabric structure- especially in a seamless garment that everyone likes to knit because you don't have to "finish" it. ( don't get me started) or is woolen spun and you want to weave fabric for a skirt or jacket, or it's worsted spun and you want to make a soft afghan.

Don't know what I am talking about?

So, call me!

Comments and questions welcomed.

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  1. What I am aware of is how what we think a pattern will produce or yarn, it is more complex. Thank goodness Robyn has the experience to "see" what works. I know I have a long way to go.
    I am short and stocky and used to buy Vogue patterns. Talk about stupid or delusional!


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