Monday, January 4, 2016

Pick a Stick Challenge- January 2016 - Take Time - Tea Stands for Tuesday

 I'm having a ton of fun with the 
You can join up on the FB page
I've cut back on challenges and swaps, and this is only once a month, so doable.
It's supposed to be art journaling, and I don't.
ATC's are my size of choice.
 I gave up keeping separate journals long ago, and now everything goes into my one big one that lives by my bed (it moves around a bit).

One of the facilitators picks 10 sticks with various prompts and mediums, and you have to use them all in the order chosen.

This is a challenge .

The process was so enjoyable,  I wanted to write about it so I would remember when times are not so good.
This little journal was sitting right on my desk, taking up space, and now it will be a record of this time, when I lost track of time in creativity!

  • Take time    Quietfire Design 

  • October song- the Incredible String Band 

  • Pulled the gear off a card someone sent me! 

  • Used the gear as a stencil with gold embossing paste and glitter 

  • Borders of scrap scrap! 

  • Added more glitter

    •  Added gold watercolor with a palette knife- that was a first- as a glaze 
    • Journaled illegibly with a gold pen- I for get what and I can't read it!
    • Cut the flower pix out of a seed packet and covered with glossy accents
    • Wrote on masking tape with a glitter pen and wink of stella- this was so much fun I couldn't stop!
    The prompts are posted first friday of the month, and facilitators will post their creations the last friday of the month, and all the rest of us are posting and chatting up a creative storm!

    Happy New Year Greetings to all Tuesday Tea-ers!
    Tea of the day is dandelion root, in fused in a jar- solar tea through the skylight!

    Comment and Questions Warmly Welcomed!


    1. That tea-t looks good. Thanks for playing along.

    2. WOW, that is one big challenge. I fear it would take me a month just to find all the materials I would need for this prompt. Loved learning how you made it, though.

      I've always said you don't need sun for Sun Tea, but it looks like the skylight might have done the trick. I had no idea that dandelion root was so dark. I know you can use it for dyeing paper and fabric, but had no idea you could turn it into tea. Thanks for sharing it with us for T this week, Robyn. So very, very glad to see you back. We've definitely missed you!

    3. Lovely colors in your challenge piece! I've never had dandelion root tea--sounds interesting! Happy T Day!

    4. Nice journal page using those prompts. Happy T day!

    5. Looks like a fun challenge with LOTS to do each month, your journaling is really neat. Have a great T day, hugs, Valerie

    6. what a challenge, bravely mastered!
      i wish you all the best for 2016 and happy t-day!

    7. Looks like you had fun with your new challenge.
      That is quite a list to follow.
      Enjoy your healthy tea and Happy New Year

    8. This looks like a good challenge - something to make a good start to the New Year! I love what you have created! Happy T day! Chrisx

    9. I've saved this as inspiration for the future. You sure pack a big punch in a small space :)

      I've never had dandelion root tea, but I love dandelions as flowers. I'd like to try the tea sometime. Happy T Tuesday!

    10. Ingenious journal page prompt and wonderful results!! love your page...Happy New Year!

    11. That looks like a fun group!
      The tea looks maybe a little too mysterious for me--LOL!
      Happy T-Day! Making it around this week!! :)

    12. Looks like a lot of fun! I'm glad this reminded me of using prompt sticks. I should make some for when my mojo has jet lag.
      I've heard of Dandelion wine but not tea, the dark colour is a surprise to me. :)

    13. Wow that is quite a challenge! Yours is nicely done.
      Happy T day...way late!

    14. Gorgeous artwork and the challenge is inspiring!Happy T day:)!

    15. I really love that you chose ATC size for our challenge this month! I LOVE ATCs and make many of them. I am VERY happy to see that so many prompts will still fit in a small space and look forward to seeing your February cards.


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