Wednesday, February 14, 2018

WOYWW 454 Happy Valentines Day

What a mess.
I have a friend, who, lets say, is not much of a housekeeper.
When ever I felt a total mess, I could go visit her, she would find  a cup, somewhere,  clear a place for us to sit, we could enjoy some time together, and I went home feeling much better about my housekeeping!
What are friends for!
After visiting me today you can feel much better about the state of your desks!

Shout Out to #CheapJoesAsheville for supporting #LEAFEaselRider.

You have to hop over to Quietfire Digital to see the front of the pop up.
(Please- it is lovely)
(UK deskers, it doesn't publish till 12am PDT, which is hours behind me)
This is for you Julia!!!

Here is the out take from that post!

I was going to sketch this on the front of the card inside of the heart and it didn't work out!

Thanks for visiting!
Comments and questions warmly  welcomed!


  1. I could get lost in your desk and spend a lovely time looking in great detail at the wonderful things you have there. The pop up look especially wonderful but so does everything else.
    Hugs, Neet 2 xx

  2. you must have been coming round here then! great desk Robyn. Helen #1

  3. LOVE the calligraphy - and the quote!!
    Happy WOYWW :)
    no. 3

  4. I love exploring your desk Robyn and thanks for the public service for all messy deskers lol. The pop up is amazing. I'll have to try and get back to see the front of it when it posts. Have a good week. Sarah #14

  5. The pop up card is stunning! Like the yellow hearts on your desk as well. My workspace is a tip :-) So if you ever feel bad pop over here. Anne x #21

  6. I loved all the bright yellow on your desk today - and the beautiful sentiment too. Gorgeous!
    Hugs LLJ 12 xxx

  7. Hi Robyn, so much to see, and so baeutiful that card! Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #15 XxX

  8. Yes, Robyn that’s one exquisite piece of calligraphy, brilliantly done whether it fits in a heart or no?!
    Happy WOYWW Shaz in OzX. #16

  9. Beautiful quote and calligraphy! haha, well I have a messy desk too but that's where the work gets done, right? :) Have a wonderful week! xo Cheetarah #24

  10. Morning Robyn. I really like that sentiment - a gorgeous truth to hold on to.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  11. I wish I could do calligraphy... alas, I can't. I admire anyone who can.

  12. Hi Robyn. Beautiful calligraphy. I bought a book this week on calligraphy, having been inspired by a few WOYWWers. If I can get anywhere near as lovely as yiurs I shall be happy! Have a lovely week Heather #13

  13. love the desk and the card. I don't think it is a mess it is just a fantastic place for me to snoop around and see things. I like that paint box btw...I made some with FIMO and Altoid mint boxes but would love to find one like that. Hope you have a great week. Vickie #39

  14. I have the opposite, every time I come back from my mother in law, who has a prestine show house, I feel such a slob, but then I remember all the fun quotes about messy homes :-) lol, have a lovely, messy, week, Vicky

  15. Your friend sounds like a great person. My desk place is often messy but I do try to stop it escaping into the rest of the house so that is reasonably tidy. Have a lovely belated WOYWW, Angela x20x

  16. Ah Robyn, it’s gorgeous. Just gorgeous! As you’ve never been to my house, I know you aren’t talking about me, but I could be that friend. What a great story.


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