Wednesday, May 28, 2014

WOYWW 5th Anniversary ATC's In Depth-This is What Peace Looks Like

If you a re looking for my desk, hop over to this post.

Today is the 5th Anniversary of desk hopping world wide and this Commemorative ATC goes out to the Queen Julia!

 We celebrate by posting photos of our work desks on Wednesday and on the anniversary by swapping ATC's with the next desker in out linky line who wants to swap,

Note no crown!
and I am swapping with three additional deskers for a total of six,

 seen below ready for mailing!

Where is the Quietfire Design stamp I hear you cry!
On the reverse!and the crown.

ATC close ups

Easel Card close ups

 Thanks all, for all the Wednesdays.
Each time I participate in a swap, sending love to a person I may never have met in a country I have never visited, I thing.
This is what Peace looks like!

Comments and Questions always welcomed!


  1. Robyn they are all wonderful thanks for sharing the close ups you did an amazing job on them all
    Happy WOYWW5 hugs Nikki no # yet

  2. I have never seen an ATC created like that, I am in awe! I would love to trade if you have one to spare. I sent you an email. Diane # 58

  3. Hi Robyn! Thanks for the visit! If you would like to swap here is my e-mail address just send me your address and I will send one right out!
    Love the ones you made!

  4. What a lot of effort you have put into all these ATCs. They are stunning. I too feel like I have friends the world over due to WOYWW.


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