Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WOYWW May 7 Art on the Go

I'm taking an online watercolor class. 
I haven't finished the last two I signed up for- note- lifetime( who's lifetime? access to the classes)

Above note consequences of art on the go- a demo tomorrow at Fiber Arts Alliance- paper and felt beads and jewelry.

Thanks for stopping by as I rush around- It's Spring!- and I must get ready for a spinning class- at least they are coming here! 
 Comments and questions always welcomed!


  1. Spinning, as in, biking or fiber? If it's biking, we have more in common than just art. :) I've never taken a class that allows lifetime access before. That's a lot of bang for your buck, huh? Wow! Looks fun, too. :)

  2. Will be interested to see the results of your classes, hope they happen in my lifetime! Karen #22

  3. Love the contrast between the two photos...your playing and then everything packed up for the demo. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#43)

  4. I like the sound of paper and felt bead jewellery! You certainly have one busy desk there. Have a lovely week, Chris # 47

  5. Hi Robyn..happy WOYWW - your desk paints the picture...busy lady and very crafty I'd say. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#67

  6. I hear you, sister. I resisted the watercolour class because I have a number of those lifetime access classes half-done and mocking me. But your happy watercolour swatches on your desk make me regret my self-discipline! Charmaine #94

  7. Hello Robyn. Spinning - ooo - I used to love that - learned the basics years ago, then never went any further. Always wanted my own wheel, but never took that any further, either. Did make a pair of gloves, though, with the yarn I produced!! A wonderful colourful desk this week - trust the demo went well, and that the class will be great.
    Have a good week.
    Margaret #29

  8. Sorry I am so late visiting not sure where the week had gone so having a quick fly round the desks before we start again, thanks for sharing - Nicky 11


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