Wednesday, May 14, 2014

WOYWW May 14-Love, Tears, Creation and Go Out and Love Some More !

Just as I was working on this  post, I was told a good friend had died suddenly of a massive heart attack. She was by herself at home.
I stopped and called and wrote to everyone I could think of to tell them I love them.
Dear Deskers- known and unknown, I love you.
Please do the same- have no regrets on this score.
Then go out and love some more!
And create without limits!
More will be revealed about this mess on Thursday over at Quietfire Creations and my plan is to have a detailed post here  as well.
Planning and events seldom agree!

 ATC's still in the works and I found the date stamp I needed in a clearance bin!
They may have tear marks.

Thanks for visiting, all your kind words your comments and questions and support.


  1. Hi
    It's been a while I know, since I last managed to link up but I'm back now and just popping my head round the door to say hello!
    Sorry to hear your sad news and sending hugs.
    Thanks for sharing your creative space and I hope you have a good week too.

    Neil #10

  2. Ah Robyn, deep condolences and huge big hugs. What a shock..give yourself time to get over the shock too, that mixed with grief is a potent combination for the blues; reach out when you need to talk won't you.As you know, you're surrounded by people who love you and will want to support you however they can. I suspect that the crafting, if you can bring yourself to it, will offer some sort of distraction, but I don't think you should worry about dates and deadlines. Wish I could just drop everything and pop round.

  3. So sorry to hear about your friend, sending some hugs. Thanks for taking the time to visit your neighbour this week BJ#39

  4. So sorry for your loss Robyn. Terribly hard to deal with a bereavement that comes as such a huge shock. Be kind to yourself x

    Fiona #41 (Your neighbour)

  5. So sorry to read about your friend, Robyn. I know what a shock it can be when someone passes like this. The same thing happened to my uncle a couple years ago. It made the ground under my feet seem awfully unstable for quite some time. You're in my thoughts.

  6. It is events like this that make you cherish your loved ones. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, it must have been a huge shock for everyone. Sending big positive healing hugs,
    LLJ 22 xx

  7. So sorry to hear your news - such a horrible shock for you, her family and friends. You can only be thankful she didn't suffer for long. It certainly helps to put life in perspective, eh? Take care, and hugs. Chris # 23 xx

  8. What terribly sad news to receive, and how sad she was on her own. Take care, Helen 7

  9. Oh Robyn, so very sorry to hear that. My heartfelt condolences. Intrigued by your project. I see you have the round blending tool. Do you like it? They are twice the price of the old style by mail order so I have not yet succumbed.

  10. Robyn I am so sorry for your loss that is so sweet that you sent notes to all your loved ones :)
    I wish I could put my brushes out like that but my little furry kitty would think the are on display for him to munch on it I don't put them up high or out of the way like my pencils he will chew them all up like he's a dog with a bone
    May your week get better
    hugs Nikki 6

  11. So sorry to hear your news.

    Thanks for visiting my desk already and I hope you find some peace in your crafting


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