Monday, February 15, 2010

Out siders become insiders

I'm leading the Montreat PCUSA Woman's Circle Bible Study tomorrow-weather permitting.
We're studying the book of Joshua, this week 2:1-24 is the focus.
I will be centering on Rahab and her sheltering of the Israelite men in her house in exchange for the safety of her family.
She is called a prostitute.
Rahab in Arabic and Hebrew means a wide and wecoming place.
Creating this for the alter is helping me to pray for guidance in teaching and listening.
Radical hospitality is important to me.
Now more than ever we all need to welcome the stranger, physical and mental, fleeing all kinds of dangers.
May my heart and my door be open.


  1. Your job is to create the space for the Montreat women to grow and stretch into this reading.
    As a Feminist, this reading really brings up the limited ways in which women are labeled: virgin, caretaker, whore. Sometimes, she gets to be a leader for a little while.
    This reading comes at a time when Valentines and the Vagina Monologues come together. Eve Ensler just wrote a book on women as emotional creatures - not that men aren't. It is that we all have the potential and it is truly frightening to the Patriarchy how powerful women (and men if they let themselves be) as intuitive, caring and knowledgeable. She is also on the circuit talking about her work in the Congo where rape is systematically being used in war to humiliate and destroy women/girls and often in front of their husbands, brothers, etc.
    I don't know if that has anything to do with radical hospitality or the reading, but gender in this story seems important.

  2. I just pulled my bible out last night because I had a question about Genesis (it hasn't been answered yet but I'm reading)so I will read along with you and be with you in Spirit!
    How was your trip?


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