Saturday, September 18, 2010

Peace in Our Day

*****Sept 24- this card was sent to good folks in Leicester, NC- targets of a hate crime**************

God(ess) is passionate Life
Strong and vibrant in us
As we seek peace in our day
For all beings.
September 21st is an international day of peace.
This weeks Created Byhand Tuesday challenge theme also includes ribbbons and bows.
Cuttlebug embossing made the frame. I chose the colors by using what was left in my pallet after I was done painting.
I stamped the Peace and them slid the stamp down for the smeared effect. the other peace stamps are by The peace Project. Hard to see and I wrote peace in stardust pen on the ribbon.
It's up to each one of us to be the peace we all want in this world. To be the peace that will see this world become a place in which our children- all children can run free and strong.
Art helps. making art makes peace. So be it, today and everyday.
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  1. very nice. Love that frame.

    PS in Quietfire Creations to have your image also have the link to your site rather than just text that you need to copy and paste do this:

    browse to upload your image as you've been doing, then also click on the chain link icon next to the camera/image icon and paste the link to your blog post. (make sure there is only one "http://" and or delete the 2nd one). Then save what you did.

  2. Thanks for the reminder that today is International Peace Day. Your work inspires me.

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