Tuesday, November 16, 2010

12 Days of Christmas-Byhand Artists

An unexpected day off put me into elf overdrive and here are my 12 Days of Christmas Gifties ready for the mail. Most are going to BC and Ontario so I'm excited to have them ready with lots of time to spare before the Dec 10 delivery date.
I'm not sure if this is a swap, a mingle or exchange and I can hardly wait to receive my 12 gifties.
I make 12 of the same- they had to be flat to fit in a first class envelope and mail them out to 12 Byhand artists- there is a 13th participant so we all get 12 to open, one each day, starting on December 13th.
My day is day 12, and no spoiling allowed, so this is all you will see till after Christmas.


  1. oh they look tantalizing. Really pretty wrapping paper.

    Since it's flat I know it's not an Xmas ornament... unless it's one that pops up, sigh!! oh well will have to wait to hear what it is.

  2. Ooh! What fun! That reminds me to get our sibling gift draw arranged.

  3. OMG!! Way to go Robyn!! Can you please send your elf my way?

  4. They look so festive and since I am in group one I will see up close and personal.


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