Monday, February 7, 2011

Spring Color Forecast

Artists are starting to submit their work to Nice Threads for exhibit and consignment .
As a gallery striving to showcase the best in fiber art, I'm suggesting to our artists that they come to us prepared to show their line as a collection, including an artist statement, seasonal colorways and designs, as well as the individual creative pieces.
It's always helpful to look at what Pantone and others are projecting and as fiber artists we want to be the ones making the projections.
Pantone is calling for honeysuckle, coral rose, peapod, beeswax, silver peony, russet, regatta, blue curacao, lavendar and silver cloud. Can you guess which is which? If not- get yourself a set of Pantone color cards. I also have a set from the Royal Horticultural Society.

I find less is more, and I work usually with 5 or less main hues. Pastels are nice for spring and sometimes nice is not enough.
I'm ready for Hot.
How about you.
Leave a comment with your color projections for spring 2011.

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