Monday, October 10, 2011

Love Isn't Love till You Give it Away

This weeks Created Byhand Challenge theme is, Candy/Pennant dies. What does that have to do with Love?
This card took about 3 hours, including, phone calls, staring at the mountains, ripping and swearing, connecting a friends Mac to the internet.
Some might say, "Who would spend 3 hours on a card 2 1/2"x 3 1/2" ? Not only would I, and I can't do anything else.
This past week I  spent time looking at some great painting by Rembrandt, Chagall, Van Gogh and the participants in my Arts and Sabbath Retreat.
Looking at each art work, everyone asks, "How long does it take you?"
"On  a good day", I reply," just the right amount of time". On a bad day it takes a little longer".

When something wants to come out, time is beside the point. I love to create, take things and make something new out of them, and make things that speak to me and in the universal  language of art, speak to others. Maybe inspire them to create and think in a new way.

The stamps are all from the Wicked collection. I stamped with my new favorite VersaFine ink color, Smokey Grey  and thermal embossed  clear. Colored the card with the new fall Distress Inks and stamped the background words with the 12 Days of Halloween.
The die is the smallest of the Spellbinders pennant . I attached them with a brad-they move so you can fit them into the ATC sleeve and put a candy kiss on top with Liquid Accents.

Art is made to be given away, and what you give away ends up being more.

Thanks for your comments and posting your own entries.


  1. cute, that's a whooping amount of time... of course staring at the mountain probably took most of it - sigh!! I know mine are gorgeous.

  2. Hi, I had to comment & tell you I truly relate to your creative process & really liked how you put it into words. My cards are never done quickly. I have to "feel" them. When I create a card or any gift, I want the recipient to be truly moved emotionally. Consequently, there is much thought involved in materials to be used. So, I, like yourself place time as a not so important factor when creating. Keep up your wonderful work. I'm looking forward to seeing more! : )

  3. thanks for the kind words-I'll pray for your son- my oldest is a Hotshot Wildfire Fighter so i know how it feels to have a child in harms way.


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