Saturday, January 21, 2012


I had planned on having a few days off to enjoy finishing works in progress and a friend got ill and I went into town a few days to keep the store fires burning, do inventory, help customers. Meanwhile, this is what happens to a desk when you have more ideas than time to spend with them.
So you know good stuff is coming, it just might be awhile.
Reminder-the Quietfire Queen of Hearts Challenge is Feb 14-so get your hearts on now and be sure to post to win prizes and look at all the posts for inspiration.
I got a few questions about the box :
Why do you need to make the cuts?
You don't. The box can be folded with the corners as a reverse inverse fold. I find making the cuts makes it easier to fold,and if you are going to put a box inside a box they fit nicer.
What kind of paper do you use?
The weight I like best is calendar pages-about a 45-50 lb paper. Experiment.
How do the butterflies hang from the box?
I die cut the butterflies and strung them on gold thread with beads as spacers- take your string back through the bead to hold it in place. I tucked the string underneath the triangles where the sides of the box meet and held it in place with a piece of double stick tape and folded the sides on top and they stuck to the tape as well.

The main question on the lumenaria is when will I post the video!
All I can say to that is soon, so stop by often to see what is up here.

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I truly value and appreciate each one of your comments and hope I answered all your question.
Thanks for journey my creative journey and inviting me along on yours!

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  1. oooo, look at all the cool things on your table! I can hardly wait to see what you're going to create next!

    Love the butterfly paper - it looks soooo yummy!


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