Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lace Lessons

If you go yarn diving in my bins, you will come across needles with some lace knitting on them.
I have started approximately 100 lace knitting projects and finished 4. 

One was a hat for a friend who wrote the pattern and needed a test knitter and gave me beautiful yarn- no big deal 80 stitches, two pattern repeats

Two was a hat cause I was working in a yarn shop and they wanted a sample to sell the yarn and then I wrote a pattern to make a---three--- matching scarf-with the lace reversible- pet peeve-scarves with a wrong side that looks wrong(to me). No big deal and I got paid for it.

The other 96( give or take) once I got to see how the pattern worked, and up to a large amount of stitches and made counting mistakes multiple times I quit.

I"m here today to tell you I have learned a few things.

1. If you spend a lot of time alone you might as well knit lace.
2. In times of disappointment and rejection the end of each lace row with the right amount of stitches is cause  for celebration and encouragement-Yes I can do another few rows!!
3.Lace helps you to practice patience and curiosity, both excellent life skills.
4.When you finish a piece of lace the oohs and ahhs are more affirming than bins full of lace on needles.
5. Lace knitting may be easier for weavers than knitters as we are used to having to wait to see the final patterns. Knitters are more used to wysisyg.
6. You don't have to use lace weight yarn to knit lace.

This is what you get when your 400 plus stitches come off the needles. Four.
Hold your tears it gets better.

This is how it looks after you wash

it and pin it to the blocking board.

This is what you get if you live in the mountains and have been patient .

Close ups for the curious.
The pattern is Summer Flies 

though I made a few changes. The yarn I got at the thrift shop is Peer Gynt 6 ply 100% wool.
 I used a 6(american) needle. I'm a loose knitter.

Come see me at Nice Threads, have a cuppa and we can talk about what we've learned.

I welcome and appreciate your comments.


  1. The shawl is soooooooooooooooo beautiful! I feel like I want it...and I love that it´s purple (it just happens to be the most popular color in Chile!).

  2. Oh my! What a gorgeous shawl. This deserves to stay in the family.
    Pulling for you Faith:)

  3. Wow! What a transformation from when it came off the needles! Beautiful! Bravo!

  4. I have made this pattern twice now. One for me (olive green) and one for my daughter (blue) -who loves her first shawl very much. (I gave it to her on her 11th birthday.) It is an excellent design and I love how nice yours looks in purple. ^_^


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