Sunday, April 1, 2012

Creative Chemistry -Day 6- Revisited

I got my Distress Markers yesterday- the whole set.
(serious pen addiction- my sponsor  is on spring break )
My general rule is never to get anything till Version II, and I trusted here and am not disappointed.

I love to color and paint and having the unique properties of Distress Ink in a pen is wonderful.

The only difficulty I've had so far is blending on dry paper.
These are markers- not magic!!

Left- on watercolor paper

I had heard some talk about problems with the reds.
Far right on water color paper, you can see the red yarn ball- that is Barn Red.
The above stamp is first gen and below second gen.

Near right is on Specialty Stamp Paper with Distress Ink blended over top. First and second gen and a litle spritz and flick on the bottom just for kicks!
This paper gives a printed effect. Very Crisp.

These markers have earned a permanent place, for now, on the desk top.

Thanks T!m and Ranger for innovation and inspiration.

Comments and questions always welcomed.

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