Tuesday, November 26, 2013

12 Days Sneak Peek, WOYWW, Ice!

Now for something completely different , here is my digital creative center.

The winter storm warnings have just been posted,  ICE! and possibly s**w, so don't be surprised if you don't here from me. 
All Thanksgiving foods are prepared and I moved my car- getting down my driveway can be the worst, so we'll see what comes next.
I got my Christmas mug out early-it's on my electric cup warmer-LOVE IT!- as I needed a bit of cheer.
Above you can just see the mess that will turn into 12 lovely gifts that will be exchanged for 12 Days with the By Hand Artists- an international group shepherded by Suzanne Cannon of Quietfire Design.
Last years begins here

I love having 12 gifts to open on twelve days leading up to Christmas.
Check back here on Dec 13 for the play by play!

See that bit of blue card near the center? It has  had a red green and gold braided ribbon I've been hoarding since the 50's. The card reads

"Braid Winners
Ideal for sewing, pinning,pasting.
A perfect finish to a job well done"

We don't write ad copy like we used to!
That will end up in on of my "off the desk" ATC's

Thanks for stopping by and for all US woyww-ers
Happy Thanksgiving!
Comments and Questions Always welcome!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! I hope the storm isn't too bad! Stay warm.
    Sharon #3

  2. That's a very interesting and productive desk you've got there, Robyn!! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I hope the weather doesn't hamper any of the fun for you! Hugs, Darnell #17

  3. Great desk I love how all the stuff under your digi area looks like it is about to falling off

  4. Ops pressed wrong button
    Have a good week and happy WOYWW
    janet @15

  5. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope the weather doesn't get too nasty for you. Your 12 gifts sounds like a fun thing to do, love the idea of a cup warmer. I'm in the sub tropics so we don't need them here.
    Have a great week,
    Von #27

  6. Oh rats, maybe the storm won't bother your internet--what better time to be wrapped up in something warm and blog visiting??

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Robyn, and thank you for stopping by this woyww!
    Happy woyww to you!
    #13 this week
    with another advent calendar!

  7. I'm trying to work up to a bigger project like a sweater, trouble is, I like to see results so small projects that I can make, finish, wear or gift please me no end! My absolute favourite things to make are socks! Love how busy your work area is, I haven't busted out the Christmas mug yet but I will on Sunday 1st December! The weather for the whole of the Eastern states looks dire, hope everyone is safe. Have a great Thanksgiving.

    Brenda 1

  8. So many things to be thankful for...a cup warmer for starters...safe and cozy crafting days.
    Many blessing for a Happy Thanksgiving Be well Carole # 67...I think I was 67 last week too!

  9. Lovely busy desk, Robyn. Trust you will be still able to get about for thanksgiving - enjoy the weekend.
    Margaret #26

  10. Hi Robyn!
    Loved peaking at your desk!! My digital center has grown quit a bit this year, especially after I purchased a set of alcohol markers. I love both, but I do find I am using my digitals more and more !! Enjoy your 12 days of Christmas and gifting, I will check back to see the goodies!! Have a wonderful week! Ginny #19

  11. I love your digital creative corner. It looks well-loved and cosy. I used to have an electric mug warmer. I wonder where it went...?
    Kate x #64

  12. Love your digital center! Two phones? You are one busy gal! I have the same shelf for my inks...recently found two and sold them, now I am wishing I had held on to one...oh well, that means thrift shopping again! LOL...

    I had an electric mug warmer to...Mine must over at mamapez5 house!

    Do I over use the ! or what?

    Hugs, Robin #87

  13. I love your really crafty space, fancy keeping that ribbon since the 50's and using it now! How lovely it will be when you open the 12 gifts


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