Monday, October 20, 2014

Forgiveness, Fun,Fiber, a Fairy and Fruit- T is for Tuesday

Not necessarily in that order!
In a moment of insanity I joined a quiltie swap.
Two pieces of cloth with something in-between.

I do not have a large fabric stash.
I let it all go when I moved to NC, and it has been creeping a bit ever since.
The free table at Fiber Art Alliance (FAA) meetings is an ever present danger.
When my friend Kay(92) died a few years back, I saved this bundle of tartan samples.
D. Macgillivray & Co.
Harris Tweed Manufactures
Distributors for the Hebridean Crofter Weavers.
"On request we can smoke the material in peat smoke which we think gives it a distinctive odour and personality of it's own.
We believe each yard is worth much more than we charge."

The samples became the background layer
and I quickly add a focal image.
Stamped sentiment by Quietfire Design
The die cut is Spellbinders Nested Leaves.
FAA is full of quilters and their under facings, wonder under, misty fuse etc, all of which are a mystery to me, so I was excited to find a video on the web( I forget where, if you know shout out in a comment) turning my fabrics into cutables without any fusing.
Spray starch into the fabric, turn and press with a hot iron, forcing the starch up into the fabric and repeat till your fabric is just like a piece of paper.
I put it  onto my digital cutting mat
and it cut perfectly.
The fabric is a kona cotton.
The lower cut was double cut.
The leaf is one of Suzanne Cannon's files from the Silhouette Store, can't remember if it came from the newer tree file, or the Canada Day files.

These leaves were cut from tie dyed knit tee shirt.

I bought a walking foot for my trusty Singer 500 Slant
and had my first go at free motion sewing.
I love it!

The forgiveness part, is it's not quite 4" and doing no planning and being inexperienced, I wasn't able to put on a traditional binding.

I had so much fun with this, I'm planning on reorganizing to make my sewing area more accessible .

Second Birthday party.
Hats off to Stu and Tim for throwing a great one!
if you are not lucky enough to live in Asheville, you can get it online!

Of course there was cake!
There was vanilla and chocolate.
It's bad luck not to eat cake at a birthday party, so I had a small piece of both.
Way above average store bought cake.
I especially like the little crunchy bits in between the layers.
Don't tell me what was in it.
When you eat food outside of your comfort zone, eat it with joy.
The most harmful food you can eat is guilt!

There were giant coloring pages .

Magical Balloon Fairies

Far out Folding (that's me!)

AFK's swag

Josh Hansel World Campion Speed Stacker. Who knew?

Amber hooping
and more!
Be sure to pick up your AFK and join us next time to Dance your Diaper off!

I bought my first ever bottle of wine.
Made in NC or organic blueberries $4.00!
I needed it for the photo shoot of the new wine stamps and

I hope you are out enjoying this beautiful weather full of light and color!

Comments and Questions always welcomed!


  1. What a beautiful piece you created and I enjoyed seeing some of your process. The colours are stunning. I giggled at 'Dance you daiper off' :D What a catchy title Happy T day!! :D

  2. Great fiber project!!! I too laughed over the "Dance your Diaper OFF" Have a great week .

  3. You have had a busy week. That cake made me remember how guilt free I felt when I ate all that shrimp. I'd even have a piece of that cake, too.

    Love how you put your fabric samples together, then turned it into a wonderful art project. I'm totally impressed, because I also know nothing about sewing, except to tear my fabric and sew wonky stitches. Loved your finished piece.

    Dance your diaper off was a hoot. What a great way to involve children. So glad you took part in this worthy event.

    Thanks for sharing the wine and your week with us for T this week.

  4. What an amazing fiber project! Wow ...
    And what a fab event was this?
    Thank you for sharing with us !
    Happy T-Day!

  5. No R, I'm sorry, I love the fabric and the sdtamp you used on it, I love the story about the tweeds (and no thank you, I don't want them smoked!), I love the Dance your diaper off...what is AFK..., but I can't get past your FIRST BOTTLE OF WINE. I hope you had the real first bottle experience girlfriend...did they ask for ID? Did they give you the sideways glance? Did you hand over four grubby dollar bills as if they were the only four dollars you possess in the world? Well. That's Ok then. May you learn from your experience. And PS..the bottle labels and stuff - look great!

    1. Ha! They didn't card me and I was crushed!!!
      Asheville Flyer for Kids- you can get it inline if you are not lucky enough to live in Asheville!!

  6. Hi
    What a mad/fun post .... I love my bloggy friends they are so crazy. Smoked tweet with your wine ? Madam lol

  7. wow- so much eye candy here! Love your tartan quiltie, and you did a great job with the others too. My machine is so old that if I want to be able to do free motion(which I'm dying to try) I must wait until this one dies out and get a newer one. Those b day cakes are fabulous! So, hve you tried your first wine yet? Can't say I've ever had blueberry wine. Happy T day!

    1. You might be surprised about free motion on your machine. Mine is from the 60's. You can do it with or without a foot, and I got a walking foot and love it. Almost any machine can drop the feed dogs.
      I'll probably give the wine as a gift!

  8. I do love that leaves piece. The colors are perfect for Fall, and I find the quote touching somehow :)

  9. Lovely creations with your special fabric stash...
    proof that more isn't always better.
    I'd never heard the bad luck not eating birthday cake before...
    but I never turn down cake so I guess I've been safe ;-)
    Happy T Day!

  10. a truly gorgeous fiber quiltie...loved that 'moment of insanity' bit...but you really created an inspired piece! fun party pics...really cute name for it :) enjoy that wine!

  11. I love seeing what you created. Fabric is one thing i don't 'play' with but i hope to some day and even have a small fabric stash to get me started. :) Thank you
    so much for sharing. Looks like a wonderful day was had by all! Hugs! deb

  12. Hello and Happy T Day! I love your quilt piece, so pretty!! How fun this will be for you. I want to use sewing machine and free motion so bad. The more I see others do it the more I want to buy one and start. Hope you will share more as you make them.
    YAY for a fun and funny birthday party.
    Have a great week.

  13. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Colorful creations and a wild diaper party--whoohoo! What fun!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  15. Not only is the sentiment on your fabric piece beautiful, but it is made with love! I love the scrap background and the fall theme is one of my favorites.

  16. That is a cool way of making fall leaves-:)
    Have a wonderful week


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