Friday, July 17, 2015

If you worry and you know it....get creative!

By grace of the Stamp Goddess and USPS I am the first of the DT to have these wonderful new stamps in my hot little hands!
When I sent this quote to Suzanne, it rubberized in record time.
We all need it!

In a fit of worry a while back I made a pile of these watercolor postcards.
It takes longer to write these blog post, then to stamp and mail a card to a friend, when you have some of these in your stash.
Sticker by Elizabeth Craft Designs.

I need to make about 50 and send them to everyone I know.

If you leave me a comment convincing me that worrying had ever helped you, I'll send you a free Quietfire Design Stamp!

Lots more to come here and over at Quietfire Creations( more detail on this card there too!)

Comments and Questions always welcomed!


  1. The only way worry has ever helped me has been to make me examine very closely what I can do to change a situation or the way in which I react to it. ( Thank you for sharing-- I love this stamp!

  2. Love the sentiment and you treatment of it! Worry has often spurred me into action! If I am worried enough, like Linda, I start looking for solutions! But I still love the sentiment, because most of the time we just worry without any definitive action.


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