Friday, February 12, 2016

Pick a Stick Challenge - February 2016

February has brought cold winds 
The challenge is to create a "page" using all of the prompts chosen in order.
 My ATC using all the elements
and back
  1.  My die cut, Calligraphic Elements I, from A Way With Words By Elizabeth Craft Designs is freezer paper used as a mask, watercolored and then peeled off.
  2. "The flourish moving through my heart can open it or rip it apart"
  3. No foil, so I used gold leaf bits, adhered with DecoArt Decou-Page matte, my new fave medium.
  4. Cut the tiny heart with a hole punch.
  5. Rubbed DecoArt Metallic Luster on a metal charm and adhered with the Deco Page- seems to be hold well!
  6. No gel prints, so I cut the little hearts from my never ending stash of paste papers! Added a drop of Triple Thick for gloss.
  7. The napkin( the weird blobs on the top and bottom and on to the back of the card) had a flower print when I put them on- yes more Decou-page.Added a bit to the back of the cut out heart.
  8. I got a bit carried away. Some of all the above !
  9. Calligraphic Wings by Quietfire. Wish they stood out more- should have embossed them. Every heart deserves wings!
  10. Working to bring out the flower on the napkin, I added paint and drew in it. Oh well. It is what it is!
I'm sticking to my ATC , and them journaling page format. It works for me.
The inspiration of all in the group is worth the price of participation !

Comment and Questions always welcomed!


  1. I really love your ATC this month. I have a hard time fitting all the prompts onto a page..let alone a smaller format lol. You are awesome!

    1. Thanks Shel.It's a mindset- think small, and simplify, and for some reason I feel very comfortable with the size.


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