Wednesday, March 22, 2017

WOYWW 407- Bunnyville!

More on that over at Quietfire Digital.Please hop over if you have time.

I want to share what happens on another desk of min- in the art room of the
These beautiful  children, in state custody have experienced abuse, abandonment and neglect.
Art time heals, comforts, bring joy, healthy challenge and smiles and color into their lives.
Huge shout out to The Home for allowing me the opportunity to serve our children.
To Suzanne Cannon of Quietfire Design for sharing her gifts with us!

We made Easter rings!
I cut a
kaleidoscope of butterflies, flock of sheep and chicks,and a herd of bunnies.

I can't show you their faces...
Every adult who has found happiness and peace in their lives after childhood trauma says there was one person who made a difference in their lives.
Could you be that person?
I pray that I am.
Thanks for visiting and inviting me to your place!
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  1. what a fabulous thing, I am sure they all loved their time. Happy WOYWW Helen #2

  2. Morning Robyn. A beautiful post. Gorgeous shots of lots of happy hands!!!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #6

  3. What a lovely idea something any child can do and be proud of it. Remember when I went working at Heshima in Tanzania I hard boiled eggs galore, bought some paints and brushes and let the kids loose. They had a really great time and also had either food or a memory to take home with them.Suspect many had eaten the egg before reaching home though. Keep up the good work. Anickoana #7

  4. Happy WOYWW - and congrats on the No.1 spot. I think this is the first time I have visited your blog - and your post is so wonderful. Kids always love to craft and your little animal projects look like a lot of fun. Ali x #10

    What a lovely this to do, Sure looks as thought the Children enjoyed their time there, Lovely rings made,

    Lilian B # 15

  6. How heart-warming! love those cute little shapes.Bet the kids LOVED them!

  7. What a lovely and uplifting post - you are doing wonderful work, and it looks like the children were very pleased with their little animal rings.
    Diana x #19

  8. Robyn, what a fantastic thing you are doing, blessing those children with your talents and giving them self esteem with it. May you be blessed for doing this and thank you for blessing us by sharing.
    Have a great day,
    Chris #9

  9. What a fantastic thing you do. We don't need to see the faces to recognise the pride in those rings and the happiness at their achievement. Sarah #26

  10. Brilliant! What a fabulous thing to do with the children, Robyn. It looks as though the children are thoroughly enjoying themselves by having a creative outlet. Wonderful work! Hugs, Elizabeth x #30

  11. Hi Robyn, what a wonderful thing to be doing. I'm pretty certain you are indeed making a huge contribution to their lives, long may you continue. Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 XxXx

  12. How lovely to share your art with children who could use a little bit of fun in their lives. I know that an art teacher really helped middle son get through middle school. I think he would have dropped out if not for her. She let him take double art lessons and go to her room if he was having trouble with bullies in school. She really saved him.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sharon K #34

    1. thanks for sharing Sharon. I had the same experience, myself in school! Grateful for that teacher in your sons life!

  13. that is so very sweet, I bet those kids had a blast Robyn. :) ~Stacy #42

  14. yeah traumatised Kids make for traumatised adults, I do hope each one has a saviour, but a lot do not, hence the mess we find in our world... much harder to work with the adult who was never allowed to be a child...You will, for sure make the difference, to those you are able to support, and I hope more places like this open up rather than close down in the coming years, much love Dxxx #43

  15. Great work with the children - I'm sure they all loved it!
    Bernice #17

  16. I love flowers on the desk. They always make me smile.
    April #32

  17. The bunnies are gorgeous, but of course, the love and effort you have put into the children's lives is priceless. Cute cute little baskets on your home desk!

  18. What a great thing you do to enhance joy in these children's lives. Those rings are adorable!


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