Saturday, March 27, 2010

Celtic Cross

I wanted a pin to wear tonight to the Scottish Gala in Montreat.
We are talking over at Rangerlink
about embossing powders. I stamped the cross on a piece of candy wrapper silver foil with perfect medium and heat embossed with superfine gold. I stamped the cross on chip board and cut out with the Fiscars ergonomic craft knife and molded the foil around it. I stamped and embossed another cross and glued it on the back.
I'm wearing it in a few hours so I used the red double stick tape to glue on the pin/bale. I hope it holds. I've had bad luck with hot glue and the jewelry glue takes overnight.
Hold the haggis!


  1. That's beatiful, Robyn, and such an unusual way to make it!
    I'm impressed (but then I usually am with you).

  2. Gorgeous!!! So intricate and lovely. Hope the red double glue holds up for you.
    Thanks for posting on my blog during the Zutter Zisters Blog Hop! :)

  3. i love it I love reading ficton books on the celts and my daughter who is 46 desinged a celtick that she wanted tatoded on her anckel and i wish i had a pick i would show you any way keep up the good work


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