Sunday, July 11, 2010

Freedom ....Stars

I've made a bunch of cards this week I didn't like. here is one of them that never the less is my entry for the Created Byhand Tuesday Challenge.
I used an old fiscars embossing plate- i have a hugh pile of them and even tho I don't like them I can't get rid of them.. Then over stamped with stars, and corner flourishes.
I cut out and embossed some stars and used my stamp positioner and the frendship stamp and turned the word 'tree' into 'free'. I used a lot of white pen
and stardust pens and ink and fussed and messed with it till I said STOP. this is how it is. Everyone should make art and stop being so judgmental- including me.
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Please inspire me by posting your entry in this weeks challenge. There are more Links there for Quietfire products.

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  1. I think it's beautiful Robyn. My only concern is the border, to me, kinda counteracts the freedom vibe.

    But everyone is a critic right?

    It is truly lovely.


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