Monday, July 19, 2010

Looking In...Looking Out / Use Dies

A society in which material development co-exists with spiritual progress is one where true happiness is really possible. The Dalai Lama
What does this have to do with CBTC theme? nothing and everything. I like it so much I want to paste it everywhere.
Continuing in a space of not being happy with my own work and still enjoying doing it. Shout Out to Yogi Gunwald for my new fave background technique with crinkled wax paper. She calls it faux batik, I call it addicting.. I die cut the windows with a sizzix die, satmped with quitefire flourished heart and Joy, embossed, startdust penned,made a mess etc. the dragonfly is also a Quietfire stamp done with perfect medium and senelier iridescent pastels-Shout Out to BSIL Diana Montgomery who needs to start her own blog!


  1. what an interesting take on the theme. You really captured the looking in, looking out idea.

    Thanks for the mention about the faux batik. Can't remember where I originally got it from. Sigh.

  2. Very nice, the background turned out good.

  3. Very beautiful piece of art!

  4. Very nice!! I really like the lady looking through.

  5. I love how you took the theme and made it so literal with the woman looking through. Plus she looks like she may be doing some soul searching and looking within herself.


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