Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Remember

This is the beginning of the new year in the Jewish calendar, a time of looking both forward and back, so i chose the theme, I remember for this weeks created byhand challenge.
Taken the week of Feb 11, 1952, I was 6 months old (almost)- no half birthday when you are born on August 31, I am pictured with my Mom Helen, Grandmother Pauline and Great Grandmothers Lena and Sarah.
All that I am I owe to the love and teachings of these wise women - including Grandmother Fanny- not pictured- and Aunt Gladys and so many others- never to be forgotten.
Mom died when my daughter was only 4 and I have tried to keep her memory alive so she will always be remembered.
Thursday, Faith(DD-23) goes off on an 8 month mission trip to Chile-working with orphaned girls and young women, victims of sexual abuse, in Santiago-"Entre Todas-among us all"- more on this in another post-
Remembrance of this lineage, with Divine assistance is my assurance of her safety.
We are called to remember- remember and honor our parents, remember the sabbath and keep it holy, remember and give thanks for all God has given to us through the way showers.
Remember, listen, be ready and willing....and creative and playful!


  1. We are such a forgetful culture. Thank you for the reminder to remember and for your lovely piece.

  2. Shabat Shalom. A lovely piece of art and memory.

  3. Love this. Great work on all the cards. The cuttlebug embossing folder is great idea


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