Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On the wings of eagles

To bad it looks more like a seagull!
My friend Kayla gifted me with a swivel, ergonomic craft knife- I love it and I spent 2 hours playing with it and avoiding all the other stuff I had to do. Thanks Kayla.
Friendship- a quote mark- stay tuned for a bookmark class coming up at Nice Threads and Heart -from the mini images collection- a must have!

My son ray asked for a ty card for being a house guest and it led to a ny's resolution to get a photo set up and learn to take better pictures.( note to self-update amazon wish list)
this is really a very elegant card. Thanks for asking Ray. Mom's like to be appreciated.

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  1. nice thank you card. Love that folder. It looks awesome when used on metal and then distressed with vinegar.

    Glad you're having fun with your swivel knife. I have several varieties including that finger control one. I don't like using them, I prefer my regular X-acto knife. The only time I actual use a swivel knife is in my circle cutter... And after all that, your card looks very nice.


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