Monday, January 3, 2011

In with the New/Gold

This weeks Created Byhand Challenge.
Another year older and a new one just begun.
I enjoyed using some of the wrapping paper from the 12 days of christmas mingle.
The corner punch holds the spellbinders label 8 with the quote, so you can make other labels and switch them out if you wish. I heat embossed the corners in goddess gold powder, and used a sharpie metallic marker i found in the bottom of the drawer, on the label.The dots were an afterthought with stardust pens.
When in doubt, add gold.
More than 100 people looked at my last post and 3 have commented. I wish everyone would make a new years resolution to leave a comment, even if it is just 'nice'(big grin to Yogi) when you visit .
In this new year may everyone's hearts and homes be filled with life.


  1. what a beautiful card!
    thanks for sharing!

  2. ok, ok, I'm saying more than just "nice" this time. BIG GRIN

    I have that corner punch and haven't used it in eons. I even resurrected it when I was doing a reorganizing a couple weeks ago. Sheesh.

    Nice afterthought with the dots. they look good. Good use of the Xmas wrapping.

    So this is a dissertation - don't expect this every time though.
    Happy New Year

  3. Since Yogi went on & on ... lol ...

    Great card!

  4. I love this card. It is such a beautiful card and I do especially like the gold. Makes me want to try and emboss something in gold. I'll keep you informed if I get a chance to play with my embossing powders this week.

  5. Yes, gold makes everything come together the way black does to painting.

    Really nice work.


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