Monday, December 27, 2010

Out with the Old/ Bubbles

Byhand Artists, a group sponsored by Suzanne Cannon who is also our challenge mom just finished the 12 days of Christmas mingle. There were 3 groups of up to 13 artists, who each made 12 gifts to send to twelve other artists, so everyone had a present to open for 12 days starting Dec 13. The hostess- shout out and Thank you M-B, makes the gift you open on your own day. The only rule is that it should be able to fit in a first class envelope to keep postage low- most people ignored that rule!
So i started the 12 days each morning opening up-the wrapping as creative as the gift-a hand made present-made just for me- from someone i have never met.
this gives me hope for the world.
i need the 12 days of January! and maybe February too!
Lots of heart, maybe not so much art in this card. Heat embossed the quote, used the foam applicator to make the rainbow background, sstamped the inside flourished heart in silver-and stardust pen, and used some gold acrylic paint for the stars.
Send out those smiles-check out the byhand Artist RAK list-
Oops-forgot the bubbles!
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  1. nice
    Hope you're not tooooo snowed under.

  2. Hello Robyn,

    It must be great to recieve so many handmade gifts just before christmas ! these are real treasures to cherish and to keep.

    Nice soft female card!
    greetings from belgium


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