Friday, June 17, 2011

10 Hours is Nothing

No offense intended. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee just wrote about driving 10 hours there and back to see her daughter- lots of knitting time.
My daughter is in Chile working for VE Global being her amazing self-her blog here- and it will be three weeks before she can wear this sock.
I knit as much love as I can into each stitch.
This is Cat Bordhi's Personal Footprint sock, with some hand dyed yarn I've had around for a long time.
You can knit this sock with any size yarn, no turning, picking up stitches or kitchner stitch. you don't even have to purl if you don't want to.
And- it fits perfectly!
I can help you through it with a class at Nice Threads starting with spinning the yarn, plying, dying, designing and knitting.
All fun- no stress.
The things we do for love!

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