Monday, June 6, 2011

Knowing When to Stop...

is Art.
I will be featuring the new rubber from Quietfire in all of the next challenges. This Quote is one of my favorites and I probably will say that about each one.
I stamped and thermal embossed and lit the Light with Mustard seed Distress ink that I put on with my spouncer from Plaid. I hope they still make them as this one is loosing it's spounce.
The rose stamp I got at the yard sale at my LSS. This weeks theme is Flowers/flock so it was a natural. Stamped in Verafine sepia and watercolored. I put a mask cut out of a post- it over the quote when I stamped.
I used the Quickie glue pen to put some flock on the stems and everything screamed STOP!
Added a bit of Distress antique linen and Brilliance Gold and stopped.
Sometimes the best technique is restraint. I will take suggestions (I'm still feeling the corners are a bit bare- maybe more texture in the background?) in the comments.
Please take a moment to post your own entry.
******Later***** found the first day lily blooming in the garden and I brought in some pollen and rubbed it on the center Light section of the card. Natural Flock!


  1. very pretty. Has a nice central glow - must be the light of the soul

  2. Um...not about your card, but you're a spinner?? How cool is that!! You and I might just have to discuss fibres some day.

  3. Robyn, you stopped at exactly the right time. The corners carry their own weight by their colors. This is gorgeous. But you do have a valid point. Sometimes I get going and carry my messing around one step too far. There is definitely a time to stop. Learning when that is is the key.

  4. Your card is very beautiful, Robyn, I love roses

  5. Both the words and the illustration are lovely!
    Sweet card


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