Thursday, June 14, 2012

Drifts of One, Swaps and Rant on Process and Projects

 Byhand Artists have wonderful Swap/Mingles. A theme is announced, folks sign up and you create art,as many as the number of participants, send them off to a hostess with return postage ( I always include a little something extra for the hostess-scrap, an ATC, ribbon) and she mingles them and you get back an amazing inspirational package of creations- all different.

I'm currently hosting the Spring Rolodex Swap, 'Glitter'.

Here is my cover card I will send out with the complete mingle.

I covered all the cards with antique Linen Distress Stain , dried and stamped with Old Paper Distress Ink. The sheet music stamp is from the  Crows set.
Hand lettered(just get it done!) with a Sharper Metallic poster pen, cornered with Goldenrod Stickles and sprayed the whole thing with Sunflower Sparkle Perfect Pearls Mist, which I wish I hadn't-oh well. It's glittery!

My cards have the same base.

The focal image is created with a couple of stamps colored with Distress Markers-worth every penny-.

Weed Love thermal embossed with Ranger Embossing Tinsel. Caution-this is a challenge to use. Shake it up well, use an anti -static pad and pick off any stray bits.

The mini harlequin border is from the Mini Images Collection- another must have-.
I custom blended Perfect Pearls, stamped with Perfect Medium and touched the PP powder to the stamped image and polished it off with a soft brush. This gives a subtle gilded effect,  hard to see on camera- give it a try- you will like it.

To  bee or not to bee- I wanted to include the Bee from the new Garden Delights set and couldn't place it on the front so I stamped a swarm on the back with the swap info.

I blended the color for the stamp from Distress markers on the craft sheet and painted the ink onto the stamp.
Some black lines for detail would be nice ( see the practice sheet)- remember I had to make 7, so players- feel free to add some!

All the above is project- now for process!

These are practice sheets.

Every finished project has lots of these. It helps me get where I am going to just start, get some ink down on paper and not worry about where I am going or what it's going to look like, or will anyone like it.
I keep working on the practice sheets as the project evolves. I also use acrylic to overlay idea on my piece to see how it will look without marking on it.

 When I teach, my intention is for you to understand what we are doing , rather than for you to be able to copy what I am doing and make what I am making.
My classes are full of all kinds of papers and paints tools and inspiration. Try to teach as little as possible and stand back and see what comes from your inside creativity.
My job is to help you integrate what you feel and see inside with what you hope to project to others that they can see and feel outside.
This is an environment for creating with out limits! Yes! there is a stamp for that!

Now a bit about swaps.
My first publishing on the web was challenges. A theme is posted and you post your take on the theme. No physical swapping takes place- just visual. you don't even have to finish the back and you can Photoshop out mistakes!
Next came ATC swaps, one on one, sending and ATC to one person and getting one back. fun fun fun.

My first mingle, I made one and loved it! Then.... HORRORS! I had to make 10 more.

I even plant my garden in drifts of one.

 Over time I have come to love the challenge of  the multiple.
Some hints:
  • Make at least 2 more than you need. I end up liking the last two more than the first two, and this will cover mistakes and someone extra joins the group at the last minute.
  • Keep it simple. Remember whatever your concept is, multiply it by the number you have to make plus 2.
  • They don't all have to be exactly alike- only the hostess will know. Send her a gift. She won't tell.
  • Enjoy the process. If not, don't do this type of swap.
I do hope you enjoy and are inspired by this mingle and find ways to share your creativity.

If you are interested in arranging a class/ retreat with me, get in touch and be sure to leave contact info.
I respond to all comments and questions if I can. Anonymous comments do not have contact info.

Comments and questions always welcome.

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  1. Oh Robyn! These are wonderful! Love the bouquet of Weed Love! Fabulous!


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