Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cyberscribes Feb ATC's Circles & Squares/Use it or Lose it!

NYR- Use it or lose it.
Stamps I haven't used in years, can't even remember where or why I got them must go. ( good time to visit if you want to build your collection)
If something comes into my studio- something must go out!

Take no prisoners!

I was uninspired by this months Cyberscribes ATC theme.

Then I found myself faced with my collection of Quietfire Design, Design Element Stamps.
 These are some of my fav stamps. When was the last time I used them?


I didn't have any ideas, so I just got out all the stamps and started what I call "Trials and Tribulations"(T&T)

 I settled on this

Lots of stuff went right and wrong along the way. I say I don't do grunge and this card is def grunge- ink where it shouldn't be, pen fails, upside down stamping. Something for everyone! and  plenty of embrace imperfection practice.

 I began by edging the cards with a gold pen. I use a card to make straight edges, usually, and this pen had other ideas.
The flourished heart tile stamp  was colored with brush markers and ink and stamped.

Then I got out my stamp press (long blog post coming on this when I have the end of my story with Fiscars ) and set the other three tiles on the removable plate, inked them and stamped.

Remember I have to make 10.

Then I placed four small pieces of post it notes over the corner stamps as masks, placed the circle background stamp on another plate and stamped.

The press is great for this as you can position your paper under the press before you press down, make multiples and over stamp,

I'm glad I hung in there with these and glad to send them off!

Comments and questions always welcomed!


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