Monday, March 4, 2013

First Warp on a New Loom

I got this new to me loom over a year ago, and put on a short warp to test it out. I used yarns that I had around without sampling, and promised myself I wouldn't be judgmental over the outcome.
The purpose of this project was to break in the loom and tweak it if necessary .

A year later (!) I finally finished weaving and finished the fabric.

I"m calling it two scarves and a neck thing.
Shout out to Ladies in Waiting Amy and Faith!

The neck thing was my sample piece ( well, I sort of sampled) that morphed into a mobius.
You can wear it with the Vee, in front, it has a little pocket!

or the Twist

Y'all were probably wondering why the blog is called Rainbow Weaves!

Questions and comments always welcomed.

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  1. Gorgeous Robyn! "Neck thing" - too cute! (as are the models!)


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