Friday, March 29, 2013

Mothers hold their children's hands....

My Mom died over 20 years ago and I still miss her some part of every day.

Mom's hands were never still...
working in the factory, cleaning, cooking, wiping our brows and bleeds, and crafting- always crafting.

I could have added a lot of bling and pearls to this card, and that just wasn't Mom.

Her beauty needed no ornamentation.
Once the 80's shamed her out of her rhinestone cats eye glasses, her uniform was comfortable golf course, and her gold wedding ring.

Love and simple elegance. Thanks Mom.

Shout out to Maryella and the ladies of ASAP for the GNO's where they let me show as much show and tell as I want, and the idea for this card.

Card details at Quietfire Creations.

Comments and questions always welcomed.


  1. You are right! There is nobody like a mother. Mine have been gone for seventeen and I miss her terribly. What a lovely tribute to her.

  2. well done Robyn. Love all your components. and no I can't tell where you spliced it... BIG GRIN Love the curls. Did one for Vamp Stamp News in 2010 with cardstock and shimmer sheetz in a diamond shape. It always amazes me that we know so many techniques, we use them a few times when we first learn them and then they go in a back drawer. Thanks for bringing to the foreground again. Have a great day

  3. Oh, boy, this is a beauty! Just love it!

  4. ooh that is pretty and i feel like it reminds me of grandmom...maybe if you were thinking of her while making it at all?

  5. thanks, I didn't star t out thinking of here and she came through as I was working on it.


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