Saturday, April 6, 2013

Every little bit helps....

I've been feeling fibery as the last cold days are hopefully in the past!

Thank goodness my dear SIL's birthday is in April, so whatever I don't finish for Christmas I can give her as a birthday gift.
See those little pieces of yarn on the top of the right sock cuff? That is exactly how much yarn I had left!
Hand spun hand dyed Targhee.

I once saw a film of a master weaver in , I think Wales, and the interviewer couldn't get her to say more than a few words as she worked at the loom.
"What do you think about when you are weaving", they asked.
"Running our of yarn", she replied.

Below is the handspunwarp(not the eyelash)                        sleyed in the reed.
Some call this random warping. I can assure you there is nothing random about it!
I call it multiple bout warping. I prefer to spend my time at the loom rather than the warping reel! 

There is something new and exciting( to me and I hope to y'all) coming into my life and I can't talk about it yet, so I hope you will follow closely as I hope to announce it soon.

Comments and questions always welcome.


  1. Such happy sox! I bet they are cozy. Curious about your news.

  2. Ohhh, wow, those rainbow socks are soooooo pretty! Your SIL is a very lucky woman :-)
    Glad to hear there is something new and exciting coming into your life! :-D


  3. just email me and tell me!


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