Monday, November 10, 2014

Poetry and Pot lucks- T is for Tuesday

In that order, I found myself back at Dobra Tea  with hot chocolate in Rice Milk.

The first poet reads, then picks the next poet.
After the first round we did poetry play, tossing words about creating poetry on the fly.
I'll be going again- do join us,
and till then join us at
( there be prizes!)

Friday night my dear friend Meg was exhibiting for the first time at

Other friends
Libba is in the Squeaky Wheel Ceramic Collective with my DD.
and lots more and what you want to know about is the food.
There was lots of that too.
Come to a Red House opening hungry !

Repurposing! Bottle Lights!
Dashing across town, that same evening was the opening of the 
Everything is Worship Retreat.
Quakers are known for saving the world 
one pot luck at a time.
We got there late and you can see how good the food was by how much was already gone!

Forgive me in advance if I don't visit you all this week. I'm starting two new ministries and lots of other stuff is going on.
I do love you all !
Comments and questions always welcomed.


  1. Looks like a rather busy evening :) Delightful art and the food looks yummy thanks for sharing ♥

  2. Goodness, dear Robyn. That was a lot of pot luck dinners. They sure look like people didn't go hungry.

    I was really impressed with the art, too. I love wonky stitching and those first two art photos had my heart going pitter patter.

    I can understand when time is limited and it's hard to be on the computer when you have other responsibilities and commitments.

    Thanks for taking time to share with us for T this week. Yours was certainly busy. I thought the poetry readings sounded fun, too.

  3. Just read your question about the white pen. I won it and it is a gelli roll or something like that. It's great on colored paper, but not too good on something that has been gessoed. It's the first white pen I've ever owned.

  4. Amazing art from your friend and lots of yummie things - wish you time enough for all you have to do!
    Happy T-Day!

  5. Ah Robyn, you are so busy and giving. Love your friend's art works and I didn't know the pot luck saying about Quakers, but it makes me smile, so totally fitting, and warm and friendly!

  6. Love the idea of a poetry party. Fab artwork and what a wonderful spread of food.
    Annie x

  7. Love the artwork, the stitched pictures are wonderful and my goodness... all that food... bet you didn't have to cook all week with all that going on! Happy T on Tuesday. Annette

  8. Hello and Happy T Day! Sounds like a busy but wonderful night for you and you friends. The art and the food all look good to me, the poetry group sounds fun. Thanks for sharing and have a good week.

  9. Your friends' works are great. And all the different dinners! Hope you were hungry.

  10. You managed to get around and see a lot of art and visit a lot of friends. Looks like some delicious food was offered as well. Your poetry night must have been fun.


  11. Beautiful works of art on display-I do hope they were sold ! Bottle lights are fun and festive. And all that delicious looking food-wow! The poetry reading session sounds like a very enjoyable outing. All the best with your new ministries and busy-ness. Happy T day!

  12. Good times
    good friends
    good food
    and more
    Enjoy * Enjoy

  13. Love the artwork...esp the stitched pieces.
    Happy T Day!

  14. Looks like lovely events...beautiful art, appetizing food, and good times with friends. Love the journals you show with your cup of chocolate milk!

  15. Great spread! Looks like a Thanksgiving feast early :)

  16. Wow! Lots going on! I know how hard it is to get around to visit everybody some weeks. Don't worry. ;) Happy T- Day! :)


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