Monday, November 17, 2014

The Winter winds blow...T is for Tuesday... Southeast Men's Fiber Retreat-food for the soul.

Weaving is food for the soul.
This week I facilitated a weaving workshop at The Blue Ridge Assembly with the SE Men's fiber Guild, shepherded by Rick from Purls Yarns of Asheville.
We wove paper journals and mug rugs and everyone got to throw the shuttle on the floor loom.
A splendid time was had by all!
Cristal is the Craft Studio Manager.

 We made our own cardboard looms for the mug rugs.

 Throwing the shuttle.
 Finished projects!

The winter winds are blowing! I gathered as much lettuce and greens as I could as they are predicting possible teens tomorrow night,
Shout out to Lori of Milo Acres Farm for the watermelon radish!
This takes up to T is for Tuesday, so I'm off to see what others are sharing about food and drink.
Do scroll down and see how I've been throwing glitter around.

Comments and questions always welcomed!


  1. Oh goodness. What fun it is to see men making yarn art. This is a wonderful idea, Robyn.

    We've already had snow here (twice, even), and the temps have hovered close to zero F at night every night since Friday. Glad you were able to harvest the last of what you could salvage from your veggie garden. I fear the growing season is now over for the year, as the entire US and most of Canada is now projected to be below freezing tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing this craft event, as well as your garden goodies with us for T this week.

  2. How totally cool! Some men do "get it"!
    Beth P

  3. Great ! Love to see men making yarn art!
    Happy T-Day!

  4. Wonderful to see men getting arty crafty! I firmly believe if everyone in the world got hands on with art and craft, it would be a perfect place!

  5. Never expected to see men folk weaving...though there's no reason at all that they shouldn't! wonderful salad too....yummy! happy T day!

  6. What an interesting weaving event. I know historically men did a lot with fibers (net making, knitting, etc.) but you don't see them working with it so much anymore.


  7. I used to weave those pot holders we all made as kids, and I've made a few woven paper thing. I enjoy the weaving process. I just don't know what to make that'd be actually useful, and I've sworn off all things that take up space but aren't useful. I've run out of space to put them! lol

  8. Oh now that looks like a lovely idea and fun thing to learn and you get stuff to keep from it too! Bonus! LOL Glad you managed to salvage the last of your garden produce before the weather turns and it all dies from frostbite. Annette

  9. I love that the men have a group for crafting too. This looks like so much fun. I've not done any of this type of fiber art. Your salad looks so wonderful! All that's left in our shared garden with the neighbor is parsley, kale and broccoli, and that may have gone as it went to the teens overnight and is very cold today too. Must go check on it...happy T day!

  10. Hello and Happy T Day! I love seeing the guys here enjoying some crafting time, YAY! Great pictures and projects they did. We are very cold today here, a snow day. The salad looks so good, glad you got to enjoy some before the cold got to you.

  11. That is great to see men making fiber art as well. Your salad looks yummy...I'm thinking hot soup to ward off the chill for me today.
    Happy T Day!!

  12. Looks like this retreat was really great, love to see men do artistic things, and they are usually VERY good at it. Your photos are proof of that, and they all look like they are having fun.

    Checked out your "glitter" must me in the wind, cause I have it all over the house. The GDs started it, then I ran with it in making Christmas cards. I may just leave it until Christmas......LOL will cut down on the holiday decorating.....grin

    Have a great week

  13. Aha! So wonderful to see men having a great time with art! Their finished projects look great.
    I know the weather has turned out to be terrible, right?
    Happy T day Robyn

  14. The day of weaving sounds like fun, but that beautiful salad steals the show in this post. Hope it tasted as good as it looks!

  15. Looks like a fun weaving event! The mug rugs and journals came out great. It is cold, cold, cold here, too--glad you saved the rest of your lettuce! Happy T Day

  16. What fun to see men playing with yarn and weaving and such! Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  17. What a fun group of creative guys and gals you have there.
    Looks like a great way to spend the day!
    Stay warm it is chilly willy here in northern Virginia too with our recent 'polar plunge'
    Happy T Day

  18. You can tell by the pictures and the smiles that it was a great time! What fun!
    Happy T-Day! :)


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