Wednesday, December 24, 2014

WOYWW Dec 24-All is calm, All is bright...Brave Girls

My DSIL says, be careful what you do on a holiday, it will start a tradition!
With most of my Christmas making done, I am throwing caution to the wind!
These are
from the Brave Girls Club.
I want to be a member, don't you?
To join, just make some cards and give them away.
RAK and peacemaking at it's best!

I've started hanging out with the 38 children at the
( this link will tell you how you can help)
These children and youth are brave, beyond what most of us can even imagine.
And these are the lucky ones.
I'm grateful to be there and to support their bravery.
Here's the calm and bright !
This is where I tidied Julia, and the christmas elves abhor a vacuum !

God(dess), Spirit, Bless us every one!
Be a gift this year.
Dona Nobis Pacem.

comments and questions always welcomed.


  1. That is so sweet of you to create and just give them away :) It's fantastic to see people smile when they get something unexpected and I know Baked goods always bring lots of smiles and full bellies Merry Christmas Hugs Nikki no # yet

  2. Those are really nice. You have been really busy this season. #6

  3. Love the cards, what a great idea. Have a very Happy Christmas. xx Helen #5

  4. Love the inspirational messages on your Words of Kindness cards! What a great idea! Merry Christmas and Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #24

  5. Hi Robyn, and Happy Christmas to you and yours. The cards are a wonderful idea, I shall come back and follow the link a little later. Love your Christmassy desk. Happy Christmas Eve WOYWW, Love from us both, Shaz #11 xxxx

  6. I LOVE The Brave Girls Club! I want to be a member too. Your cards are fab and may you get nothing but warm wishes and thanks in response. I think they would be lovely tucked int a lunch box every so often. Might have to gift my lovely DD with he occasional one...who knows? Maybe even DH would benefit from one as well.

    Happy Christmas Eve WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  7. I love the fact that you have a Christmas Tree and Hyacinths together on your table - winter and spring!

    Have a great Christmas filled with laughter.
    Bishopsmate #30

  8. Love the RAK cards :) Such a wonderful way to share joy. Blessed holiday to you :) Shel #33

  9. New Christmas traditions are a good thing (I have one myself... see my blog today) and I LOVE your word of kindness cards. They look awesome! Happy holidays and love & light from Holland, Marit woyww #26

  10. What a lovely still life on your desk! I love the smell of Hyacinths!
    Have a wonderful festive season!
    Gabriele 22

  11. What a fun desk, love the cards and that cute little teeny jumper! happy Christmas to you and yours Robyn :o) Annie C #31

  12. Hi Robyn..... desk is looking very festive.... and yes calm is a good word.
    May your Christmas be merry and bright and full of good cheer.
    thanks for all your lovely comments throughout the year
    janet #9

  13. What and awesome idea and I think it would be great if it did become a tradition! Merry Christmas! Hope you have a spectacular day! Vickie #46

  14. That's a great tradition to start! A blessed Christmas to you and your loved ones from all the way here in the Philippines! patsy

  15. It all looks lovely and festive, and those messages are a great idea. Love the hyacinths - I have pink ones all around, and the smell is great. Happy Boxing Day, Chris # 10

  16. That was such a lovely post, Robyn! I hope you had a blessed Christmas holiday!! Happy WOYWW to you, very late, and all good wishes for a wonderful new year!! Hugs, Darnell #49

  17. I do hope you and yours had a lovely time over the last few days. We sure did! Love your RAK cards, such a lovely things to do. Take care. Zo xx 32


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