Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WOYWW December 10- The 12 Questions of Christmas!

  1. How many days till Christmas?
  2. I promised you what?
  3. I promised you I'd get it to you by when???
  4. Do I have a gold pen that writes?
  5. Where is that (fill in the blank_______)
  6. Who is this Christmas card from???
  7. Is that the phone ringing?
  8. Where is the phone???
  9. I said I would be where? at what time???
  10. Where are my three wise men?
  11. How many calories per serving? Seriously?
  12. What child is this?
Off to the right my 12 Days of Christmas Gift Mingle basket is getting happy.

Please scroll down to see fab new stamps, files and cards
here and here
and share some poetry with me
(no questions asked!)

Holiday desking here I come!!

Comments and questions(oh my) always welcome!


  1. your list is a familiar one! love the desk, with the bits and pieces of Christmas all over it, lol! Helen 8

  2. I love your desk!!! and can relate to the list!

  3. Robyn your desk looks wonderful with all those Christmas cards on it.
    hugs Nikki

  4. Hi Robyn - lovely stuff there, especially the Celtic 'peace' stamp. I hope that's not a mild sense of festive panic setting in?! I love your thoughtful poem, and agree about Jesus. I gave him my heart over 30 years ago, when I believed what He said, that He is the only way to God the Father, and have never regretted a moment since. Have a great WOYWW and a lovely week. Hugs, Chris # 13

  5. love the 12 questions and the workdesk is a definite christmas themed inspiration.

  6. Oh Robyn..are you one of the voices inside my head?!!
    Inever noticed your Samurai paintbrush stand before now...and that's because I was gawping at the JOY and again wishing that I was a silhoutte owner!

  7. I can definitely relate to your list. Mind if I copy it? I need it to help me remember who I am during this busy holiday season!
    Glenda #38

  8. Fabulous list and just so familiar
    x catherine

  9. Nice desk with fab cards. Funny list, but you must be quite stressed, when you ask questions like no. 12, lol!
    Gabriele 23

  10. Your cards look fantastic. I know I have asked myself 6 of the 12 question. I was asking #7 and 8 yesterday. #48

  11. Looks like you are having fun. Your post made me LOL because it sounds so familiar.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #32

  12. Your desk is wonderful... Christmas all over but still organised and your list... yes, I can relate to most of those!! Happy WOYWW to you, Annette #22

  13. Hi Robyn, Happy WOYWW. Writing this with a migraine so excuse an errors. I read your wonderful poem, so deep! I looked at the Japenese food, yes I would want brown rice, I wish it was on offer in more places, shame you didn't get it!

    Good questions!

    I have to avoid stuff in case of additives too.

    Cazzy #52

  14. Hehehehehe love your list, very familiar questions! That snowflake onyourndesk is beautiful :o) happy WOYWW Annie C #67

  15. Yes, I nodded along as I read your list of questions!

  16. Ha, I smiled at your list! Love your desk and all those beautiful cards (in the making) on it. You are so organised with all those little drawers. I'd love to do that too but I dread a major re-org!
    Sorry I'm late but I like to take my time. Sometimes I start at the top and sometimes at the bottom....
    Have a good week,

  17. A busy time of year Indeed. Your desk looks very productive. Keep smiling and creating


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