Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WOYWW 324- Birthday Blues

Yes, Virginia, the new Quietfire Design Dies are now available either at Quietfire Design, or Elizabeth Craft Designs.
You can see what I have done with them tomorrow at 
Quietfire Creations.

(sing to the tune of, If you know Suzy)
If you know August, like I know August,
Oh, Oh , Oh what a month!
It's hot and sticky
and oh so icky.
But gosh, gee,
When you're born you can't be picky.
We're not sorry, we won't make a fuss.
Cause August is famous just because of us!
If you know August, like I know August,
Oh, Oh what a month!

Aside from my birthday and the countless others in my family August is the only month without a holiday!
And did I mention I have 30plus cards to make for Women's Bible Circle!

Shout out to Sissy Raspberry Jones for the lovely blue handmade in NC vase!
You will never hear me say no gifts!

On the left is my new phone with it's felted pouch.
I've entered the 21st century with a screen and keyboard.
(still dumb).
My Liquid Pearls refuse to pearl. I added some water and they still peak- any suggestions?

Thanks ever so for visiting and I'm off to return the favor!

Comments and Questions always welcomed!


  1. We;ve missed a birthday?! Happy Birthday.. I sang along with you... Good luck with your card commission. Happy WOYWW Helen #2

  2. Happy birthday Robyn! Here in the Philippines we have 3 holidays in August- today is a holiday in the city where I live (Quezon City day) which is why I have time to visit! Then on Fridays, it's Ninoy Aquino day(he is one of our heroes). Then at the end of the month, we have National Heroes day (I guess that's for all the heroes with no special day named after them!) I like your desk with all those flowers!!! Happy WOYWW from Patsy #6

  3. Happy birthday. I hope I'm not TOO late. I've sure missed you. Glad you are doing ok. BTW, I've never owned those liquid pearls, so am no help. Thanks for the earlier visit. Happy WOYWW from #2.

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a blessed year! Those dies look great.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #25

  5. Oh I hope we haven't missed your birthday! Happy happy returns! Is that why we get to enjoy fresh flowers too? Lovely, and to have them on your desk where you can enjoy them most, great idea. Loving the dies...your enabler status is confirmed!

  6. Happy Birthday! Loving the look of your desk this morning. What gorgeous fresh flowers in that lovely bottle! Glenda #37

  7. Hi Robyn, and Happy Birthday to you too. It seems from your post that I'm not the only one with a ridiculous amount of birthdays in August! I think all our friends and family picked that month to be born in. And I'be just been enabled again! Those Quietfire dies are amazing- I know I will end up getting the Happy Birthday one. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 xxx

  8. Happy birthday and gorgeous pic of the flowers and cards. I am loving those dies.
    sandra de @38

  9. Hi Robyn, what a gorgeous die - I'm sure you'll get loads of use out of that. Re the Liquid Pearl, I'm no expert, but I find tapping the card from underneath makes the peaks turn into pearls ... hope that helps. Also hope you have a fabulous birthday :o) Annie C #48

    1. it's too thick for the tapping to work. guess I have to add more water, I'm just afraid of adding too much!

    2. How frustrating! maybe you should just go for it and if you add too much water, you could turn it into a shimmery mist!?! Re the paper dolls on my blog - no I don't have a pattern as such but there are loads of vids on YT, I may do one myself so watch this space ...

  10. Happy (belated?) birthday! Yes, in my family there are 4 birthdays: 3 adult children and my cousin.
    I sang along with the song. So funny!
    About the Liquid Pearl: I can only repeat what Annie C said above: tap the card gently underneath while it is still liquid and the peak will become a pearl.
    Thank you for visiting already,
    Have a great week,

  11. Hope you had a fab birthday. They do seem to come round too fast these days. lol. Your desk looks the perfect place for a crafting hour or two. x jo

  12. Belated greeting for your birthday, Robyn! August is a busy month for birthdays in my family two - four at the last count. Love the blue vase - it's fabulous. Liquid Pearls - I was going to suggest you try tapping from under the card but I see Annie has beat me to it :) Hope you have a great week ahead. Elizabeth x #44

  13. Happy birthday (belated if I'm late) and I'm sure you'll get all you projects done in time with all those fabby dies :)
    Lol about my naked desk only problem is the DH would love it to all be gone so much crap I have as he says... That's what you get when your with an artist I tell him...and a holiday nut bah haa haa hugs Nikki 11

  14. Happy Birthday - I hope you get some "me" time this month.No help with the liquid pearls as I am a "tapper" too. Have a good week . Soojay 23

  15. A belated birthday wish for you! I'm not sure about the Perfect Pearls. Mine do whatever they want, usually pearl but I have seen them peak from time to time to. That is a gorgeous vase you have there. Love the dies, such elegant font on them. Thanks for the visit earlier. Judy #51

  16. The flowers are so pretty! The die made a beautiful happy birthday. And I too end up working in a 6 x 6 space all the time too.
    April #40

  17. Robyn,
    What a super desk you have, and I love those Quietfire design dies, unfortunately that Happy Birthday does not appear to be available in UK,
    Thanks for dropping by my site yesterday and your nice comment.
    Chris #30

  18. Happy Birthday and what beautiful flowers in a lovely crafty spot.

  19. Lovely birthday flowers! They add a bright burst of color to your working desk. Hope your birthday was filled with things you love and those you love. Diane #44

  20. Another August birthday? We are the best after all, lol!! Hope you had a great time, that vase is really lovely!
    Sorry this reply is so late, I've had visitors for three days!
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx


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