Monday, August 29, 2011

Green Eyes

I bought myself a bunch of new stuff for my birthday.
This is  one of the new silicon stamps by LaBlanche. I swore I would not buy  another mounted stamp and when it is a Robin, I cave.
The two leggeds have  typical dark beady avian eyes, and I create in my own image and give them sparkly green ones. It's a sign of the tribe of medicine and fey people. Green eyes.
I got a Fiscars stamp press- so far I love it.  Line up your stamps and pick them up with the removable clear plates, then put that on the press and position it before you stamp down. If you are making mulitples, you can get  stamp over and over, and remove the plate and put another one on for additional stamping. fun!
I put the quote stamp on the card and lined it up where I wanted it, picked it up with the press, inked it up and thermal embossed clear.
I lined up the silicon stamp and over stamped Versafine Sepia wiping off  some of the text that would obscure the quote ( I sampled this first on scrap). then I had fun painting and shading with Distress inks.
The outer card has a layer of embossing, and the blue layer is Distress broken china- water spritz- and when dry, the new Ranger Perfect Pearl Mist- heirloom gold. These are resin- not water so the ink doesn't react. And they are pure pearl- no pigment so you just get the glitter and your color shows through.

This weeks challenge theme is Birthday/Balloons. I punched and stamped some balloons and they didn't find their way onto this card.
Another in the simplicity series. Even with the layering, this card took less than an hour- including chasing the squirrel off the bird feeder.

My answer to the question is some days 30, some days 60.
Leave a comment with your own age or wannabe, and any questions you might have about this card, the challenge, and anything else on your creative mind and spirit!


  1. very nice. interesting about the stamp press. I've looked at them and then walked right by. I will look at them again with different eyes.

    You got some nice presents... Have a great day and happy birthday.

  2. Gorgeous! Go green eyes! Thank you for sharing these. They are always inspiring.


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